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A Guide to Choosing a Reliable Gold Buyer in Cleveland, Ohio

269 views |26 November / 2014, Finance/Personal Finance by Micky Foley, N/A

Gold jewelries can be some of your most precious possessions. They are not only effective in enhancing your elegance and magnificence, but also serve as valuable assets that can provide immense financial sup ...

Tips for Getting Good Cash for Homes

233 views |6 June / 2014, Finance/Personal Finance by HomeInvestors, N/A

There are so many reasons why people decide to get cash for homes. Homeowners may decide to sell due to a divorce where both parties want to move on, or the owner may need to relocate quickly. Landowners mig ...

Do You Need to Improve Your Credit Score?

230 views |19 December / 2013, Finance/Personal Finance by Sam Jones, C-

Credit scores determine your interest rate, loan limits, loan terms and whether you get an approval. With so much riding on your credit score, it's easy to wonder if you should improve your credit score. Any ...

If a Soft Credit History Check Can't Hurt Your Credit Score

200 views |19 December / 2013, Finance/Personal Finance by Sam Jones, C-

Many people know that sending applications to many different banks in the process of shopping around for a credit card, mortgage or other loan can hurt their credit score. While credit agencies do view multi ...

Does A Bad Credit Rating Really Matter?

263 views |19 December / 2013, Finance/Personal Finance by Sam Jones, C-

If you have a poor credit rating, it will limit your borrowing options. Defaulted payments, County Court Judgments, and bankruptcy orders leave a black mark on your credit report, and you won't be approved f ...

Why Choose British Gas in the UK

446 views |8 January / 2014, Finance/Personal Finance by Sam Jones, C-

Within the UK, there are a number of gas providers and options available for the consumer and with that, there are a number of pricing and tariff options to decide upon. There are national providers, interna ...

Choosing a Mortgage Lender: Some Things to Consider

379 views |4 April / 2013, Finance/Personal Finance by alvin curt, D

With so many options available, from first time buying to remortgaging, make sure you shop around to find out what your best mortgage deal is. The first step to take is to work out the best mortgage type to ...

Borrowing Money from a Loan Shark is never a Good Idea?

438 views |3 April / 2013, Finance/Personal Finance by alvin curt, D

First of all, consider what a loan shark actually is. It is an informal or unregulated moneylender, where a short-term loan can be acquired, usually at astronomical rates of interest.Usually, if ...

5 Blunders To Avoid Once You're Approaching Retirement Age

375 views |29 November / 2012, Finance/Personal Finance by Gustavo Mcgee, D

With retirement just around the corner, some people can get carried away and start envisioning themselves happily spending the last years of their lives in sunny California. However, it is important to note ...

Ways People Can Get Loans More Cheaply

431 views |28 June / 2012, Finance/Personal Finance by Tony Abigail, N/A

Sometimes taking out a loan is a necessity that cannot be avoided, whether it is to help you to afford a property, to help you with your business, or enable you to pay off another debt even - sometimes our p ...

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