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Things to Consider While Renting Using a Property Management

23 views |12 January / 2017, Finance/Real Estate by Susan Burris, C-

With over 23,000,000 landlords serving over 110,000 renters in the US, it is pretty clear that the rental market was really d ...

How to deal with Noise Tenants in your Apartment Building

47 views |12 January / 2017, Finance/Real Estate by Zray Aldar, N/A

If you have rented out apartments in your building then you would know exactly what sort of trouble noisy tenant’s cause to you and other tenants. Noises come in all sorts of ways possible. Usually it is t ...

Are Property Management Services Really your cup of Tea?

267 views |13 November / 2015, Finance/Real Estate by Susan Burris, C-

Property Management might be considered as a great deal of expense, but most of the times, people who want to opt for these services wonder whether it is worth the financial investment. Apparently, most real ...

The Los Angeles Luxury Real Estate Boom

248 views |18 September / 2015, Finance/Real Estate by Dexter Brown, N/A

By most people’s standards, the housing market isn’t moving very fast. Sales are dropping and prices have flat lined, but for some reason Los Angeles luxury real estate is booming. In Southern California ...

Invest In Serviced Apartments - An Attractive Alternative To Hotels

262 views |4 June / 2015, Finance/Real Estate by Elysian Global, N/A

The serviced apartment market in the UK has become a “recognized sector” in the country and has the potential for future growth, making it an attractive property investment opportunity. The high occupanc ...

Best Advice for Property Related Litigation

254 views |11 February / 2015, Finance/Real Estate by Jenn Starwoods, N/A

Legal matters can be complicated and they might make the best people scratch their heads trying to seek out a solution. Whether the matter is related to commercial or property litigation or is about an accid ...

Migrating to Canada – Know Where to Live

238 views |13 December / 2014, Finance/Real Estate by Kamal Chhabra, N/A

Every year about 350,000 new migrants come to Canada. This journey could be complex since it becomes a bit tough to select the appropriate place to land. Even sometimes, it becomes extremely irritating to ch ...

Why Brampton Is a Beautiful Place to Settle In Permanently

202 views |12 December / 2014, Finance/Real Estate by Kamal Chhabra, N/A

Are you looking for a Brampton house for sale? Well, you are not alone. The 3rd biggest city in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), Brampton is Canada’s fastest growing municipality, with a standard growth rat ...

Buy Luxury Toronto Homes Through Real Estate Agents

365 views |3 December / 2014, Finance/Real Estate by Kamal Chhabra, N/A

Luxury often has to appear with a higher price tag. But that does not signify that you cannot obtain the home you’ve always dreamed of. Though purchasing a new, ultra-modern, spacious home in Toronto & ...

Home Buying In Pittsburgh

188 views |4 November / 2014, Finance/Real Estate by josepdael, N/A

The real estate market in Pittsburgh is on the rebound and it continues to expand as per a recent report submitted by a magazine. This report also states that more multifamily homes, retail spaces, offices a ...

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