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How to buy your Dream Home this Mortgage Season?

274 views |10 October / 2015, Finance/Mortgage by Frank Zelasko, N/A

Are you one of the many Australians who have heard the expression – “spring is the mortgage season”? Have you often asked yourself why? Traditionally, the period between September and November ...

8 Things to Avoid Before You Buy a Home

255 views |4 May / 2015, Finance/Mortgage by Morry Newman, N/A

As Lenders are becoming stricter with their lending guidelines, it is important to avoid certain things. 1. Don’t apply for new credit: It may seem natural to apply ...

Business Banking Made Simple

669 views |23 September / 2014, Finance/Mortgage by Michael Brown, N/A

When you first start a business, you can never know for certain what will become of it. You will have to wait for a few years to understand which way the business flows. Chances are if you have sound financi ...

Manage your Debts by Refinancing your Current Home Loan

218 views |17 September / 2014, Finance/Mortgage by Frank Zelasko, N/A

Are Your Debts Getting Out of Control and Are You Thinking of Refinancing? If you have answered yes, you should consider the possibility of refinancing your current home loan and combining your multi ...

Is a Buy to Let Property Still a Good Investment?

264 views |2 March / 2014, Finance/Mortgage by michelle symonds, C-

For many people, buy to let properties have been a good investment in recent years in the UK. Rents are high, particularly in London and the South East of the country, so the yield on buy to let property has ...

Are Mortgages More Affordable Than Ever?

252 views |2 March / 2014, Finance/Mortgage by michelle symonds, C-

In the UK mortgage market recent research is suggesting that mortgages are now more affordable than at any time since the 1990s. To an extent this is due to the government schemes to encourage more affordabl ...

Borrowing for an Investment Property is Now Cheaper

269 views |2 March / 2014, Finance/Mortgage by michelle symonds, C-

The increasing competition in the UK mortgage market coupled with government schemes to encourage more affordable lending have resulted in the mortgage interest rates falling significantly. Some of the deals ...

High Net Worth Mortgage Market is Prospering in the UK

261 views |26 February / 2014, Finance/Mortgage by michelle symonds, C-

The mainstream mortgage market in the UK has, in recent years, been beset by a number of crises brought on by the economic slump. This has made it difficult for ordinary borrowers to reliably access mortgage ...

Understanding Remortgage Rates

368 views |21 July / 2013, Finance/Mortgage by Sam Jones, C-

Once you have taken the difficult decision to remortgage your home, you need to shop around to find a product that suits your needs. A wide range of remortgage deals are currently available, and understandin ...

The Dangers of a Foreign Currency Mortgage

266 views |8 January / 2014, Finance/Mortgage by michelle symonds, C-

In the 2000s some British mortgage borrowers who were sold complicated foreign currency mortgages are suffering a disadvantage with high repayments and increasing debt because of large fluctuations in exchan ...

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