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Tax Deductions For Small Businesses

18 views |11 January / 2017, Finance/Taxes by Ralf F Heyer, D

If you’re the owner of a small business, trying to get prepped for your taxes can be a baffling time and while it’s often advisable to hire the services of tax professionals to help you sort them out, it ...

Things To Do After Filing A Tax Return

189 views |4 May / 2016, Finance/Taxes by Ralf F Heyer, D

So you’ve finally gotten around to filing that dreaded tax return, but what should you do now; sit back and wait for a refund, check on its progress or try and forget it ever happened?!  There are ...

Tax Planning for Small Business Owners

350 views |1 September / 2015, Finance/Taxes by Ralf F Heyer, D

Small business owners should be aware of the taxes that they are supposed to pay. There are several types of taxes a small business may have to pay such as income taxes (both federal and state), employment t ...

What is Research and Development Tax Credit?

222 views |21 April / 2015, Finance/Taxes by Asha Pandey, C-

The new regulatory bill that is passed by the Government of Texas helps businesses avail the research and development tax credit.  If your business venture is in any of the Texas cities like Austin, Houston ...

Federal Tax Extension in the US: How it can Benefit You

299 views |16 April / 2015, Finance/Taxes by Asha Pandey, C-

Although the last date to pay your personal income taxes in the US is 15th April, you can extend this deadline for a period of 6 months by applying for a federal tax extension. Filing for a tax extension is ...

How Can You File For A Tax Extension?

277 views |11 April / 2015, Finance/Taxes by Asha Pandey, C-

What is a business tax extension?All your businesses would undergo profits, losses and revenue. You need to declare all your cash flows with the government. This is called as tax returns. But whi ...

IRS Tax Extension: Lesser Known Important Facts

309 views |19 February / 2015, Finance/Taxes by Asha Pandey, C-

Filing tax returns is one of the most tedious and laborious things to do when it comes to tax management. You are supposed to fill the form 1040 and to do that, you have to gather all the documents and files ...

Important things to know about IRS Form 7004

309 views |13 February / 2015, Finance/Taxes by Asha Pandey, C-

The IRS form 7004 is titled as “Application for Automatic Extension of time to file certain Business Income Tax Information, and Other Returns”. As the name suggests, the form is applicable for business ...

Cost Segregation - Tax Deductions

292 views |10 December / 2014, Finance/Taxes by patrickoconnor, N/A

Taxes are your enemy, but tax deductions are your friends. Taxes are the great bane of most businesses. Alas, business deductions act as a salve to cool the burning and itching of your bank account. ...

TPAR(Taxable Payments Annual Reports)

263 views |12 September / 2014, Finance/Taxes by GovReports, N/A

GOVREPORTS MAKES NEW TPAR LODGMENT EASY If you have clients in the building and construction industry you may have an extra reporting obligation from July 1st 2013 however GovReports has the lodgme ...

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