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Top Secret

302 views |4 March / 2015, News and Society/Culture by Connie H Deutsch, C+

Top Secretby Connie H. Deutsch In July, 1947 a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, and the government tried to cover it up by saying that it was not a flying saucer but an experimental hig ...

Debate – An Ideal Medium to Create Social Awareness

384 views |1 August / 2013, News and Society/Culture by Halabol Team, D

Debate is an important instrument for spreading awareness among people whilst also helping to introduce understanding on the various issues in our society. This is a great way of ensuring participation of co ...

Take a Pledge to Drive Safely

354 views |1 August / 2013, News and Society/Culture by Halabol Team, D

Our roads today are more or less potential hazards to all motorists whether you are driving for yourself or company. Driving is regarded as one of the most dangerous activities man is involved in today. It h ...

New Beginning of Republican Party with Michael Steele

321 views |7 February / 2013, News and Society/Culture by Michael Steele, N/A

Right Now” is the new arrival of Michael Steele. This book is a key to invoke the supporters of Republic party and to launch an unbending campaign for a new government. He says in his book that the path t ...

Getting Rid of the Telemarketer Permanently

807 views |3 October / 2012, News and Society/Culture by Connie H Deutsch, C+

by Connie H. Deutsch I doubt if there is anyone on the planet who welcomes the call of a telemarketer.  I realize that they have to earn a living but I don't want it to be at my expense. ...

Don’t Disrespect the Flag!

791 views |30 October / 2011, News and Society/Culture by Leslie Jones, N/A

All flags of the world or of any nation symbolize great historic events and have a deep meaning to each country. Like the countries of The Caribbean, Central America and South America whose flags symbolize m ...

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