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Can India’s Wind Ipps Achieve 60 Gw Target?

217 views |11 January / 2016, News and Society/Environment by Nikhil Mehra, N/A

As part of its ongoing thrust on developing the renewable energy projects in India, the government recently raised the country’s RE target five-fold to approx 175 GW (by end 2022), mandating an investment ...

Compost Green Waste To Free Landfills

506 views |11 September / 2013, News and Society/Environment by Bowen, D

Electronic waste is an example where cell phones, monitors and other gadgetry are disposed before they outlive their usefulness. Food too is being disposed at alarming rates with the average household's wast ...

Importance of Using Environmentally Friendly Chemicals

331 views |14 August / 2013, News and Society/Environment by Kelly Tolly, N/A

It is essential to use environmentally friendly chemicals during drilling due to a number of reasons. These chemicals ensure that the toxic levels are low. Therefore, after drilling there i ...

Water Desalination: Frequently Asked Questions

318 views |1 June / 2013, News and Society/Environment by Ezequiel, N/A

Water desalination refers to the process of removing salt, bacteria and minerals from saline water. It is commonly used to filter seawater in order to produce clean, pure water that is suitable for drinking ...

How To Add Value To Your Home By Going Green

320 views |14 May / 2013, News and Society/Environment by Mac Addison, C-

The last few years have shown that the property market is not as stable as many of us thought. Generally, the attitude is that you can’t go wrong putting money into property because over time it is going t ...

Bin Hire 101

490 views |29 April / 2013, News and Society/Environment by Izaiah, N/A

Bin hire, also known as skip hire, is when a bin is rented for either domestic or commercial purposes. Bins are commonly used during home renovations when you need to have a safe and efficient place to dispo ...

Setting Up Good Solar Power Systems in Your Home

273 views |25 March / 2013, News and Society/Environment by Trevor Mcgee, D

We live in an age where more and more people are becoming interested in different types of energy, and one of the most interesting sources of energy these days is solar energy. You will find that there are a ...

Solar Powered Systems - Setting Up the Right One

276 views |25 March / 2013, News and Society/Environment by Trevor Mcgee, D

It can take quite a while to figure out which type of solar powered system would be the right one for your specific type of home, so learning more about this subject is almost certainly something you will ne ...

Top Options for Renewable Energy At Home

317 views |3 March / 2013, News and Society/Environment by Trevor Mcgee, D

You often here that it's important for the government to encourage a switch to more renewable forms of energy, and whenever you turn on the news this may be something that you'll see coming up a lot and part ...

Top Reasons to Use Solar Power Over Wind Turbines

419 views |3 March / 2013, News and Society/Environment by Trevor Mcgee, D

Using renewable energy sources in your home is a great way to save a lot of money and to update your property bringing it screaming into the modern era. Burning fossil fuels for energy, and relying on big co ...

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