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Mobile BI: Take Your Technology Around with You

217 views |19 October / 2015, Business/Management by David Tennison, N/A

As businesses are rapidly moving out of office spaces, the growth of mobile and smart, portable devices is on the rise to facilitate “anywhere” business—from a restaurant to an airport lounge! As busin ...

Event Staff and their Roles

235 views |4 February / 2015, Business/Management by protatechindia01, N/A

There are many tasks to be undertaken and services to be provided during an event. The identification, training and management of specific groups to undertake these tasks is the responsibility of the event o ...

Event Management in US with Active Crowd Managers

198 views |29 January / 2015, Business/Management by protatechindia01, N/A

United States, world's third largest population, is a diverse and multicultural nation. The country is enriched with a plethora of events and festivals that keeps every street busy and jazzed up round the ye ...

Event Staff for High End Security

234 views |21 January / 2015, Business/Management by protatechindia01, N/A

Security of lives is the prime consideration for each one of us, whether at theatres, shopping complexes, tourist destination, schools or any other bustling place. With growing population, the risk of any mi ...

How to Make an Event Run Smoothly With Event Security

206 views |22 January / 2015, Business/Management by protatechindia01, N/A

Whether you want to unwind over an enthralling live rock concert or relieve stress by unanimously cheering for your favorite sport team or political party, events answers to all kinds of desires. Events brin ...

The Efficacy of Hiring Business Plan Consultants

254 views |26 June / 2014, Business/Management by Barney Gerald, N/A

Business valuation is a significant feature which certainly aids an entrepreneur in gauging his company standing. If you are an entrepreneur then you ought to undertake the process of appraising your company ...

Ignite a Spark of Inspiration

257 views |5 June / 2014, Business/Management by Lynn Murphy, M.Ed., D

Has there been someone in your life who inspired you to do something you never thought of doing or didn’t think you could do?  Maybe this person was a family member, teacher, coach or supervisor who saw s ...

Delegation is the Key to Successful Project Management

257 views |18 May / 2014, Business/Management by michelle symonds, C-

Learning how to correctly delegate is the key to being a successful project manager. Assessing the key skills within your team and considering exactly who should be responsible for each aspect of the project ...

4 Top Tips for Improving Client Communication

330 views |18 May / 2014, Business/Management by michelle symonds, C-

As a project manager it is your job to effectively communicate between your team of experts and the client. This particular skill takes a lot of patience that simply cannot be planned for within your project ...

The Benefits of APM Multiple Learning Platforms

227 views |18 May / 2014, Business/Management by michelle symonds, C-

The latest APM (sixth edition) qualification involves multiple learning platforms to enable every single user to benefit from the training. Learning in a one dimensional way is not beneficial to everyone and ...

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