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Offering Exemplary Customer Services Like No Other

189 views |21 September / 2015, Business/Customer Service by Owen Kingsley, N/A

In the business industry where the competition is cutthroat, customer services management is a challenging task. This can make or break your business. How you handle your customers and treat them will have a ...

The Ritz-Carlton Does Customer Service Right

378 views |27 June / 2014, Business/Customer Service by Lynn Murphy, M.Ed., D

By Lynn Murphy, M.Ed.I attended a luncheon event for 300 people at the Ritz-Carlton Phoenix recently and experienced their legendary customer service first-hand.  I wish every server at every re ...

Did You Find Everything You Were Looking For?

275 views |27 June / 2014, Business/Customer Service by Lynn Murphy, M.Ed., D

By Lynn Murphy, M.Ed.When I was ready to pay for my purchases at my favorite craft store on Saturday, I was greeted by a cashier who politely inquired, “Did you find everything you were looking ...

Don’t Be Tempted to Gossip With Your Customers

242 views |27 June / 2014, Business/Customer Service by Lynn Murphy, M.Ed., D

By Lynn Murphy, M.Ed. Several years ago, I went to a chiropractor who did a great job of working the kinks out of my back and neck.  I liked the doctor, his office location was convenient, and I ...

Making Your Customers Wait Does Not Build Business

229 views |28 May / 2014, Business/Customer Service by Lynn Murphy, M.Ed., D

A young entrepreneur didn’t get my business because it took him much too long to get back to me with a complete proposal.  I was prepared to spend a few thousand dollars, but not with someone who wasn’t ...

It’s all About Attitude

555 views |24 January / 2014, Business/Customer Service by Bernard Kirk, C-

Whenever you say you have experienced good service from another human being, whether that person was part of a company or just an individual, what is it that actually happened to make you feel that way? ...

Selecting Amphitheater Seating That Will Increase Attendance

245 views |8 October / 2013, Business/Customer Service by Pat Carroll, N/A

Sellouts in your amphitheater are great – and most likely you want every show to be a sellout, but the reality is that without the right seating, that is probably not going to happen. While there are great ...

Get To Know The Types Of First Aid

291 views |19 August / 2013, Business/Customer Service by johnnytorrt, N/A

Generally, the purpose behind the first aid courses is to teach the learners with different techniques that can work out for saving the lives of people, who are at risk. These techniques are to be used by th ...

Start Your Ventures in The Best Of The Temporary Office Space

345 views |10 July / 2013, Business/Customer Service by Stella Henry, N/A

Every businessman cannot afford to have an office of his own, especially in the formative years. To run his business he needs some space where he can work comfortably and is comf ...

Effective Ways to Get Positive Customer Feedback

603 views |28 February / 2013, Business/Customer Service by Evan Kerrington, N/A

Nobody wants negative feedback about their products or services. People who are running a startup business should know it is a must to get feedback from their customers to develop their business according ...

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