Trying spearfishing and what you need

A small report on learning spearfishing and purchasing spearfishing equipment.

Recently I decided that after years of thinking about it, I was going to take up the sport of spearfishing.

I have been a avid fisherman for many years, although some thing inside me made me feel that spearfishing was something I should try.

I set about researching the equipment and skills I would need for spearfishing - and started to save for the purchases that I would need to make.

The first (and most important!) item was the spear gun itself.  I spend many hours deciding on what spear gun would be best for me.  I had to choose from either compressed air powered spear guns or rubber banded powered spear guns.  I chose to go with the rubber banded spear guns due to their ease of maintenance and good performance.

I then set about choosing and trying spearfishing fins.  I found that Cressi fins suited my foot shape best so I went with a pair of their Gara3000 LD fins.

Now I have purchased all my equipment I await the warmer weather and conditions (and the return of the fish to our waters!) so I can finally try my hand at spearfishing.  I will report back on how I get on!

I should point out that spearfishing is a potentially dangerous sport and should only be attempted once you have gained the knowledge required to partake in this sport safely.


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