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Are You Ready To Book Your Fly Fishing Guide?

329 views |27 October / 2014, Sports and Fitness/Fishing by TripsFishing, N/A

What is fly fishing?Fly fishing in an angling technique in which a synthetic fly is used to catch a fish. The fly is cast using a fly rod, specialized weighted line, and reel. Casting a light fly ...

Facts about Fishing Charters and Trips

478 views |18 September / 2013, Sports and Fitness/Fishing by Young LisaN, N/A

Fishing can be done commercially as an economic activity or for leisure. The latter is more common because people are always looking for ways to relax and this activity offers that opportunity. Fishing as an ...

Guide to Choosing the Right Fishing Rod

372 views |16 August / 2012, Sports and Fitness/Fishing by Pierre Mays, N/A

If you like fishing and you are ready to get serious enough to buy your own equipment you are probably wondering how to buy the right fishing rod for your needs.  There are many different rods to choose fro ...

Trying spearfishing and what you need

885 views |25 February / 2011, Sports and Fitness/Fishing by James Butcher, N/A

Recently I decided that after years of thinking about it, I was going to take up the sport of spearfishing.I have been a avid fisherman for many years, although some thing inside me made me feel ...

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