Positive Thinking is The Backbone Of Success

None of us, irrespective of our social status, wealth, personality, powers can be free of problems in life.

None of us, irrespective of our social status, wealth, personality, powers can be free of problems in life. Occasional problems are a natural must for each one of us. Negative thoughts in encountering a problem bring mental unhappiness, whereas being positive while facing a problem brings cheer and happiness. We have to learn to negotiate problems and sometimes to live with them.

Nature has provided us countless resources. It is our ability to make positive use of the same that makes our life easy and happy. We are a product of nature and the most powerful of the natural resources is our mind. If we can control and withdraw our mind from negative thinking and make it think positive we will fill our life with happiness.

The world and for that matter the Universe is dynamic in nature. Nothing in nature is static. If you have days, you also have nights. If you have sunrise you also have sunset. You have different weathers at different times. If you have summer, you also have the winters and rains. Similarly, nothing can remain static in your life. You may have good health today and sickness tomorrow. You may have more wealth today and less tomorrow. You may have a good relationship today and a poor one tomorrow. You may succeed today and fail tomorrow and vice-versa. Change is the law of nature. Tough people think positively and take into stride every difficult situation that they encounter. They react positively to their predicament and manage their problems with a constructive and peaceful mind. They control their emotions. They convert their problems into opportunity and succeed. This attitude of reacting positively to adverse situations wins them success and happiness.

Problems in life are only a figment of your own imagination. A problem is so only because you consider it to be a problem. You are poor only if you think you are poor. You are rich if you start thinking that you are rich. You are healthy if you think you are so. You are sick if you think you are so. Your relations are not trustworthy only if you think so. Your relations are good and trustworthy if you think so. Basically, it is a conflict of negativity and positivity. The negative thoughts breed unhappiness whereas positive thought grooms relaxation and happiness.

You may have problems; but others have them too, maybe more than you. If you look at those who have problems more than you and consider yourself to be lucky, it gives you happiness. If you look at those who have problems less than you and look down upon yourself, it will make you unhappy.

Happiness is a state of mind. A positive mind is always at peace and tackles every problem with ease and firmness and finally either overcomes it or accepts it as a part of life. You may not always succeed in winning over a problem. A sickness may be incurable. But a positive mind learns to live with it. It develops friendship with the ailment and becomes free from the pains of sickness.

Be a positive thinker. Be positive about yourself. Let your best mantra for success and happiness be ‘I am one of the most successful persons in the world and I am also one of the happiest persons in life’. Remember this Mantra repeatedly when you go to bed and get up in the morning. This will enhance your self-esteem and self-belief and bring you ultimate happiness.

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