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Why You Should Go for Kindle Books

381 views |3 December / 2013, Self Improvement/Self Help by Gracie Moore, N/A

People are spending a great deal of their time in front of screens. This has made kindle books popular due to the fact that they can easily be read on gadgets such as kindle, phones, or tablets. All smart ph ...

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

975 views |8 August / 2012, Self Improvement/Self Help by Connie H Deutsch, C+

by Connie H. Deutsch Almost everyone, the world over, has had the experience of making plans to go somewhere, getting dressed up, and then having the plans fall through at the last minute.  Disa ...

From Fear to Freedom

744 views |19 November / 2011, Self Improvement/Self Help by Connie H Deutsch, C+

by Connie H. DeutschFear is one of the most overwhelming, paralyzing emotions a person could ever have.  We're not talking about the type of fear we experience in a crisis where life and limb ar ...

The Bluffers Tutorial to Dancing

892 views |23 January / 2011, Self Improvement/Self Help by Jon, N/A

If you are the type of person who spends their time on the sidelines at a club, you are missing out on a lot of fun and what's more, you don't need to be John Travolta to get involved.So, you've ...

Positive Thinking is The Backbone Of Success

907 views |16 January / 2011, Self Improvement/Self Help by Om Prakash Pasari, N/A

None of us, irrespective of our social status, wealth, personality, powers can be free of problems in life. Occasional problems are a natural must for each one of us. Negative thoughts in encountering a pr ...

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