What are safelists and do they work?

What are safelists and do they really benefit the users or are they a complete waste of time effort and sometimes even money. Safelists are one of many ways to get sign ups to your affiliate links and

So what are safe lists?
A safe list is quite simply somewhere you write an email and send it out to all the members of that safe list. In return you will receive emails from other members of the list so you can think of it as an exchange of emails that promote your product of affiliate link.

So how does a safe list work?
First you will need to sign up to a safe list (with 100,000's to choose from you will have no trouble with this step) to sign up to a list you will need two email accounts, YOU SHOULD ONLY USE GMAIL accounts as they will work with all safe lists, email accounts like yahoo,aol,virgin,bt and so on will not be accepted by most lists.

Why do you need two email accounts?
One of your email accounts is called contact email and the other is called list email,
First gmail account is for the list to get in contact with you about offers and upgrades special discounts and so on and the second gmail account will be list email where the other members of the safe list will send their offers to you.

DO NOT USE your personal email accounts as you will receive 100's and 1000's of emails to these list email accounts, go out and set up new mail accounts just for your safe list work.

Once you sign up you will be asked to confirm both your contact and list email accounts and once you have done this you will become an active member of the safe list you have signed up to.

Now your active what are the next steps?
One quick tip to remember is that each list has a place where you can enter a promo code, here you can get huge bonus's and credits.... Always put in the code "newmember  or  new member"  as sometime this will get you quite a few free credits. Once you are ready to send out an email you will find "mailer or credit mailer" and follow the guidelines sites can change a little but they are very much the same.

SUBJECT ---   enter the subject of your email.

BODY ---  The main text of the email you are sending.

---    Where you want the person reading to go to when they click you link.

Next it will say send to Number of members-- just use your credits to send your message to the members of the list its very easy to see what you need to do at this point as they will show you each step on the site.

So you have sent your first email out to members of the list but whats next?
Well you will have a set time frame to be able to send another message and each safe list is different, could be 48hours up to a week before you can sent another email out.

Right how to you get credits without having to pay out loads of money to upgrade?
Very simple you go to your list email account and start clicking on the email that other members have sent out with the credits they have.. So open your email account and scroll down to where it will say  CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR CREDITS FOR THIS EMAIL, something like that, once you click the link you will need to normally wait 10seconds to gain credits.
You can then build up 100's and 1000's of credits ready to use on your next email out to members.

So thats how a safe list works, you gain credits for reading thought your emails then with the credits you  gain you  send  email with your products and affiliate links to the other members.

Most safe lists are very helpful and will guide you with the steps it takes to start using them.

So with signing up to just one safe list it could take a very long time to wait to send out your second email, that's why if your serious about using lists like these sign up to as many as you can, that's what i do, i have a list of about 100 safe list that i use and most of them you will get free credits just for signing up, so take full advantage of this fact.

So you know how to use safe lists but the big question is still do they work?

This is my experience with safe lists but everyone will have their own view on them. When i first started Internet marketing one of the first ways i used was safe lists, why? because they are free to use which is a massive advantage for everyone. I was at that time promoting a company that had a start up price of $600 and upwards, i was very new to marketing and really got taken for a ride and wasted $3000 on a programme that had no real value. So i had no option but to use free methods of driving traffic to my affiliate link as i spent all my money on the programme, i must of signed up and used over 100 safe lists and had little to no response, after using safe lists this way for 2-3 months i soon believed safe lists to be a complete waste of time and effort, so i stopped using them and to me they were pointless everyone using the lists to promote their own programme and product, i crossed it off  my list of ways to get sign ups.

Three years later i no longer promoted such programmes as before and use much cheaper to join affiliate programmes some of which are even free to join,,


i now get lots of sign ups to all my affiliate links and I'm talking everyday sign ups not just 3-4 a week, some days even 10plus.. For something that is free to use that is a great result.

So in a nutshell safe lists really do work and work very well, but you need to use them for the right programmes and anything that's under $30 seems to be a good line to stay under.

The other thing you will need to do to get good results is to use allot of them, with so many credits being offered to you to sign up to a new safe list why stick to just 4-5, get out and use as many as you can get the free credits, upgrade to the best ones on offer and send emails outs to cheap programmes and even free programmes.

One subject that works real well on safe lists has to be traffic, and of course sign ups. If you promote a programme that offers traffic, advertising, promotion these all work very well, remember people that use safe lists are looking for more sign ups to their links and more traffic to their sites.




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