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What are Traits of a Good SEO Consultant?

53 views |17 November / 2016, Marketing/Marketing Tips by Radhika Aapte, N/A

Businesses irrespective of their size are dependent on web traffic to generate sales. To stay abreast with emerging trends, you either need an in-house SEO team or hire a reliable SEO consultant. Here are so ...

Digital Marketing vs Social Media

215 views |30 April / 2016, Marketing/Marketing Tips by Anita Ray, N/A

Many people misunderstand the concepts of social media and digital marketing and believe that by engaging on social media they are implementing digital marketing for their businesses. This is not exactly tru ...

Tips To Utilize Bulk Email Marketing Software More Efficiently

500 views |29 October / 2013, Marketing/Marketing Tips by Johnn Smith, D

Email marketing software might be an impressive option if somebody knows how to utilize it efficiently. You might be unfamiliar with how you will build an effective email address list. How you could promote ...

Advantages оf Marketing Research

742 views |30 January / 2013, Marketing/Marketing Tips by Raj Vin, N/A

Marketing research iѕ a systematic аnd objective collection, analysis, interpretation оf data аnd communication оf marketing information relevant tо a раrtiсulаr marketing problem. A company оr or ...

Putting Postcards in the Marketing Mix

973 views |30 January / 2012, Marketing/Marketing Tips by Vicky K. Russell, C-

For years, the postcards have become one of the trusted marketing tools of businesses. But with the introduction of social media, email marketing, and online ads, it seems that these humble cards have some ...

Crucial Elements For Jumping Sales Numbers

902 views |8 August / 2011, Marketing/Marketing Tips by anthony, N/A

Marketers from every niche have common ground when it comes to bills.  Yeah, every month there's a new stack of bills demanding to be paid.  Will there be enough profit to slide right through bill paying t ...

What are safelists and do they work?

1,017 views |26 April / 2011, Marketing/Marketing Tips by Lee Griffiths, C-

So what are safe lists?A safe list is quite simply somewhere you write an email and send it out to all the members of that safe list. In return you will receive emails from other membe ...

Is There An Easy Way To Make Money Online

1,214 views |30 March / 2011, Marketing/Marketing Tips by Lee Griffiths, C-

Is there really any easy way in life to make money, let alone online. Making money online takes so much hard work and dedication. So many people believe they can just get on thier computer and start watching ...

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