What Is Kona Coffee?

Traditionally, Kona coffee beans are considered great coffee beans.

If you have an immense love for coffee, you probably heard the name Kona coffee. It's a popular and expensive coffee variant that is widely popular among coffee enthusiasts across the world. It has specific features that separate it from other premium coffees. Kona coffee bean is the rarest as it grows in a small area of the Hawaii district.

To understand exactly Kona coffee, we bring this article for you. Keep reading and know the following!

Kona Coffee- A Premium Coffee Variant to Taste

As its name suggests, it's a coffee variant that originated in Kailua-Kona in Hawaii. It offers an exotic aroma and nuanced taste to refresh the taste buds. It is praised by coffee lovers as it contains several qualities that are not easily perceived in other coffee types. The provenance place of the coffee, Kona, has ideal conditions to perfectly stimulate the Kona coffee cultivation. It offers an ideal environment, and the Kona coffee undergoes different climate phases to experience both rain and sun in the tropical temperature.

The Kona coffee belt is situated on the slopes of the western coast of big islands. Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the North and South districts are the core mountains where Kona coffee is grown. The soil of the mountains is volcanically enriched with nitrates, phosphates, iron, and manganese that thrive in Kona coffee plant growth. The soil supports the exotic flavor of Kona coffee and makes it a perfect blend for coffee lovers.

Classification of Kona Coffee

The unique and delicious taste is the only reason Kona coffee is honored worldwide. However, Kona coffee is classified into five categories. It follows a grading system based on the size and defect of the bean. It came into use in the 1980s when the Kona started labeling. The highest grade bean has value, and the series follows an order from high to low. The classification of Kona bean is as follows:

●  Extra fancy
●  Fancy
●  No. 1
●  Select
●  Prime

Extra fancy is the highest-graded Kona coffee bean that holds a huge dollar value. It has the finest Kona beans with large size and the least defects. The classification system inspected the production process and characteristics of the best Kona coffee beans, and after that, it was categorized in the given sections.

Is Kona Coffee Worth the Price?

Traditionally, Kona coffee beans are considered great coffee beans. Indeed, it has an alluring taste and aroma, but it is somewhat overrated. Frankly, it's too expensive. One of the prime reasons for high prices is its successful marketing strategy. If you look at the history of Kona coffee, you will find it has several ups and downs.

Despite everything, the cultivation process of Kona coffee is extremely daunting and labor-intensive. Plus, the production area is also small, unable to fulfill the demand for coffee. If you have an extreme desire to taste the best coffee, it's worth trying Kona coffee without thinking about the price.

In Closing

Kona is the premium coffee variant for coffee enthusiasts, and you can find 100% Kona coffee at Buddha's Sanctuary. It's the leading name in Hawaii to taste the best flavors of Kona coffee. You can visit their website buddhascup.com to learn more.

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