Tourism- One Of The Contributing Factors to a Country’s Economy

According to the World Tourism Organization, Tourism is an activity

Tourism is one of the activities, which can be used in a huge manner to lift a country’s economy. The process of travelling for fun or leisure along with visiting or touring various places is known as tourism. It also includes the job of attracting tourists, giving them places of accommodation as well as providing them various sources of entertainment. The business of organizing various tours for them also forms a part of tourism. The tourism can be within one’s own country or even internationally (in a foreign place).

What is tourism and why is it important?

According to the World Tourism Organization, Tourism is an activity in which a person stays away from his usual environment for less than a year continuously. It is not only limited for leisure only. It could also be done for business reasons or other reasons as well. It can serve as one of the major sources of income for any nation. Tourism has an impact on the economy of every country. Apart from the economic sector, tourism also has a lot of effect on the cultural, educational and social sectors of the region.

It also helps build and strengthen international relations. Tourism also acts as a huge source of income. This is received in the form of the money paid for the various goods that tourists buy along with the various kinds of services that they avail. The tourism industry also offers employment for a large number of people. These people provide services like transportation, accommodation and entertainment to the tourists.

How is tourism important in India?

Tourism in India is growing at an amazing rate. A tour Packages to India is now a part of almost every tourism organization across the world. Tourism, alone, generated an income Rs.8.31 lakh crore. It constituted more than 6% of the country’s GDP. It also provided a job for 37.315 million people or 8.17% of the total employment. The tourists need to apply for a visa at the embassy which is present locally.

What are some of the favorite tourist destinations in India?

India is a huge country with diversity its main characteristic. Many people come to India to visit the Himalayan mountain ranges as well as the islands of Andaman and Nicobar. Many touring operators offer packages to visit the majestic Himalayan range and its valleys. If a touring operator books a tour for Sikkim, Rumtek Monastery is one of the must visit places. The toy train ride in Darjeeling is also very common. Apart from this, Yumthan and Lanchung are amazing places that would form a part of any package.

Many operators also offer a Himalaya Tour Package. This is one of the most in demand packages. Such packages give the tourists a chance to visit the beautiful valleys of Kashmir along with the snow clad mountains. Ladakh is a place where people can view one of the most beautiful landscapes present on earth. The Golden Triangle tour is also a chosen by many people.

Such operators ensure that they offer the best package so that the tourists can enjoy the place which they visit. They also try to keep the costs low so that people can afford the trip.

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