Embark On a Basque Culinary Adventure in Spain

Spain tour packages are more than just about its cities and festivals. This article shares some of the best experience

The Basque countryside, home to a riveting fusion of culture and indulgence, is the perfect destination for gourmet tours in Spain. And while Spanish food has taken the culinary world by storm, it is Basque cuisine, in particular, that is gaining increasingly in popularity.

The internationally acclaimed exquisite dishes of this region, transform any culinary vacation to Spain into a gastronomic adventure. 

If you went on a Spain tour package, you’re bound to go for flamenco shows, visit local taverns and tapas bars. In the same way, when you visit the country to explore its fantastic cuisine, a cooking tour of Spain is an experience you simply must indulge in. Luckily there are a number of cooking classes that teach you to make authentic Spanish and Basque delicacies. From shopping in local food markets for the freshest ingredients to learning how to get the combination of exquisite flavours absolutely right and even amazing kitchen secrets that have been passed down from generation to generation, a cooking vacation will reveal some of the finest aspects of Spanish culture and traditions. And finally sitting down to a wonderful meal jointly prepared and breaking bread with different people, both travellers and locals, while tucking into some delicious food is an experience you won’t ever forget.

While Spain tour packages  are incomplete without spending some time sightseeing, when it comes to food, Basque is the epitome of gastronomic delight. This province in Northern Spain boasts of a stunning landscape but a very simple way of life. Yet, within its streets, it hosts 5 of the top 50 restaurants in the world. While here on your Spain culinary tours , make sure to grab some tapas or ‘Pintxos’ as they are called. Different tapas are served with different types of drinks, so don’t hesitate to ask your server for recommendations. Similarly, when in San Sebastián, try and get your hands on some delicious Chuleta, a Basque version of the rib-eye steak that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Such a culinary adventure into the heart of Basque country, in all its cultural and natural beauty, strips away any notions you may have had of food travel. It truly lets the flavours of Spain soak into every bite and every sight.

Nilofer Asrani loves to travel across countries in search of the perfect experience and considers herself quite a gastronome. She recently returned from a gourmet tours Spain and in her article she shares information about some of the best Spain tour packages you can take for a luxury travel to Spain.


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