The Most Recommended Themes for a Luxury Tour to Italy

A luxury tour of Italy doesn’t mean just great accommodation, but lets you explore different aspects of the country.

The spectacular landscape, historical significance and marvellous food of Italy put it at the top of a list of fascinating travel destinations in the world. However, run-of-the-mill Italy holiday packages generally tend to be no more than checklists of things to do and see. A much better way to explore the food of Italy, the historic architecture, and the natural treasures of the country is to indulge in luxury travel.

Breaking the norms of traditional travel, the experience of luxury travel in Italy is a truly unforgettable one. And since it allows you to truly explore different aspects of the destination in depth, there are even different types of luxury tours in Italy you can choose from. Based on your interests, you can select the kind of experiences you want to have and things you’d like to see, which as any seasoned traveller knows, takes the travel experience to a whole new level. Here are some of our top picks: 

Culinary tourism:

Culinary tourism provides a riveting experience that lets you navigate through the various delights of Italy cuisine , which is a unique fusion of cooking techniques, fresh ingredients and flavours, and goes much beyond Italy pizza and pasta. During an Italian culinary tour, you get to explore local food markets, enjoy a tour of a private wine cellar, experience a traditional dinner in a farmhouse in the Tuscan countryside, and learn the secrets of Italian cooking through sessions with professional chefs. From sampling different types of cheese and wines to tucking into delicious authentic treats while visiting places renowned for their amazing food, culinary tourism in Italy offers up experiences that will tug at the heartstrings or any true gastronome.  

Romantic travel:

Romance is always in the air in Italy. This country has the most picturesque locales that are perfect for romance and intimacy, and luxury tours allow travellers to truly go beyond shopping sprees and sightseeing. From leisurely strolls through cobbled streets surrounded by stunning architecture to intimate al fresco dinners and gondola rides in the moonlight, Italy provides the most perfect settings for honeymoons or even just a romantic getaway.

Cultural travel:

Any Italy holiday package is a chance to marvel at the birthplace of the European renaissance. But a luxury tour lets you truly explore the wonderful culture, art and history of the country. With experiences that range from watching a classic Italian opera, visiting Venice during the Carnival and the Vatican during Christmas and dinners with Italian nobility, luxury travel in Italy is a dream come true for most culture mavens.

Nilofer Asrani loves to travel across countries in search of the perfect experience and considers herself quite a gastronome. She recently returned from a luxury Italy tour and in her article she shares information about some of the best Italy holiday packages you can take for a luxury tours Italy.


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