Under The Tuscan Sun – 3 Fantastic Culinary Tour Destination

Italy is synonymous with amazing food, fantastic wine and a general love for the good things in life.

Home to some of the most scenic landscapes in Italy, the region of Tuscany is famous for its breathtakingly natural beauty. Not only that, tucked between the sea and mountains, this laidback region is specially known for three things: history, food, and wine. Any Italy food tours worthy of their name should include a visit to this idyllic countryside destination, even as they let you sample some of the culinary traditions of Rome and Athens.

As you can see, cooking vacations in Italy offer a plethora of gastronomic adventures that await you in the following places:


While the Florence Cathedral and Palazzo Vecchioevoke an awed reaction from most travellers, the delights of Florentine cuisine are no less either. Food travel in Florence revolves around a sip of Pappa al Pomodoro, a bite of Panzanella, and the mouth-watering Schiacciataallafiorentina. Locals even go so far as to say that one hasn’t really ever eaten pasta unless they’ve tried dishes like PolloallaFiorentina and CasseruolaallaFiorentina. It goes without saying then, that these unique dishes are a must try when you visit Florence during your Italy culinary tours.


Not very far from the streets of Florence, have the serene and unassuming alleys of Greve revealed a different shade of Italy and its food.  A visit to this lovely destination makes for the perfect wine-tasting excursion. An inseparable part of Italian wine tourism, wine tasting in Greveis like having champagne in France or tea in China. Home to some of the finest wines in Italy, this town also boasts of some splendid architecture and a marvellously rich history. Food travel in Italy is incomplete without the wonderful wine tasting experience this region of Tuscany offers.


This humble hill station in Tuscany has Romanesque churches, war relics, and an ever-present vibe of celebration. Both Michelin starred restaurants and street food stalls can be found in this charming town, coexisting to provide an amazing culinary experience. From haute cuisine to simple Tuscan cooking, the legendary Italian passion for good food truly comes to life in Arezzo. And when you learn to cook dishes like the Cacciuccoallalivornese, Crostini di fegatini, and Fagiolozolfino during your cooking tours in Italy, you can truly pay homage to the glorious flavours, tastes and traditions of Italy food on your Italy tour packages .

Nilofer Asrani loves to travel across countries in search of the perfect experience and considers herself quite a gastronome. She recently returned from a Italy food tours and in her article she shares information about some of the best cooking tours in Italy you can take to try some amazing Italian dishes.


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