The Finest Destinations For A Culinary Vacation In China

China is home to vibrant cities and a rich cultural heritage. But to truly experience the best of Chinese food.

While spring rolls, Kung Pao chicken and fried rice may have reached every nook and corner of the modern world, the subtle flavours of authentic Chinese food  add layers to a China culinary vacation experience. Every culture and cuisine connoisseur dreams of visiting the surreal and spiritual land of China, not just to explore its many wonders but to relish its splendid culinary treasures.

However, not all China tour packages  guarantee that travellers will be able to sample the richness of Mo Po Tofu, the delightful taste of Chow Mein or the exquisite flavours of sweet and sour pork. You need to make sure that you’re visiting the right destinations to truly make the most of any China culinary holidays you book. Luckily, we’re listing some of the finest destinations you simply must visit during your China food tours :


The capital of China, the city of Beijing is said to have a dual soul. While it boasts of being a modern and global city, its glorious past is never far behind. Even though there are a number of avenues to sample international cuisine in the city, just like its attractions of the Forbidden City and Great Wall of China, the cuisine in Beijing resonates a bygone but not forgotten era.
So, even as you visit famous attractions like the Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, and Summer Palace, you’ll also be able to marvel at the crispy texture of Peking duck and revel in the experience of making hand-pulled noodles from scratch. Enjoy a sip of authentic Chinese tea and feast on an imperial banquet, a royal meal that stands at the pinnacle of any Chinese food tour.


This capital of Shaanxi province is home to a civilisation that is 500,000 years old. Here, you must visit the famous Bell and Drum Towers and the Big Goose Pagoda which stand testimony to the intriguing and fascinating culture and history of the place. And one bite of the succulent Xian dumplings will reveal what the army of Terracotta Warriors found here have been waiting forfor all these years.  Other popular Xian snacks like the Roujiamo, Xian Kabobs, Mutton Paomo, Muslim fruitcakes and honey cakes are also extremely delicious and you cannot leave the city without sampling them.


This charming town, surrounded by the Karst Mountains and the winding Li River is very close to Guilin and is filled with a number of laid back cafes and bars. Take a stroll through the food markets or master cherished recipes from customised cooking classes as part of your China culinary tours . At the same time, don’t forget to try Yangshuo beer fish and the sweet peppery gravy of taro pork that will have you coming back to this wonderful destination just for second helpings! 

Make sure you explore the diversity of the great nation during your China tour packages not just through its sights but also through the wonderful flavours of Chinese food.

Nilofer Asrani loves to travel across countries in search of the perfect experience and considers herself quite a gastronome. She recently returned from a China food tours and in her article she shares information about some of the best China tour packages you can take for an amazing tour to China.


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