Mexico – A Must-Visit Destination for Foodies

Mexico is home to a surprising and engaging fusion of culture, heritage, nature and delicious food.

A wonderful combination of nature, fascinating culture, and scrumptious food, Mexico appeals to travellers from around the world. While its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, vibrant festivals and spectacular views attract international travellers, it is its cuisine that boasts of rich flavours and simple but wholesome ingredients that has people coming back for more. That’s why, most food lovers prefer to book Mexico culinary tours  rather than holiday packages.

Mexican dishes display an amazing fusion of Mesoamerican and Spanish cuisines.  Amazingly delicious, Mexican food holds a treasured position in the world cuisine arena.While the food in most Mexican cities is exceptionally good, Yucatan, Tepoztlan and Oaxaca make for the perfect destinations to truly sample the wonders of Mexican cuisine

Whether through cheese in Oaxaca or the Mayan flavours of the food of Yucatan, the dishes in each city represent its history and unique culture. Arroz Verde, Steak Tortillas, Black Bean Chicken with Rice and Chiles en no gada depict the diverse shades of Mexican cuisine. While most tourists appreciate the unique and fascinating local flavours of these dishes on their tours to Mexico, when you’re involved in food travel in Mexico, you simply must go one step further and enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine like the locals by visiting those restaurants and food stalls that are popular amongst Mexicans themselves.

Mini-rolled tacos, also known as Takis, Donitas, Chilaquiles, Elote, and Guacamole with tortilla chips are popular snacks and breakfast dishes and an integral part of Mexican cuisine.

But apart from sampling these delicacies, local drinks and desserts, you must also make it a point to visit one-of-a-kind authentic Mexican eateries, take cooking classes and stroll through local food markets. These experiences transform an ordinary holiday into a memorable Mexico culinary holiday.

Thousands of years of history, culture and tradition reveal themselves in all their glory during a Mexico cooking vacation. For true cuisine connoisseurs, a vacation such as this gives them a chance to cherish the unique flavours of traditional Mexican dishes and observe the passion shared by locals not just for food, but also for life.

Nilofer Asrani loves to travel across countries in search of the perfect experience and considers herself quite a gastronome. She recently returned from a Mexico culinary tours and in her article she shares some of the best places to visit during tours to Mexico and some great authentic mexican dishes.


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