Explore The Wonders Of Spanish Cuisine In San Sebastian

San Sebastian in Spain is one of the culinary capitals of the world and one of the best places to visit.

San Sebastian is known as one of the culinary capitals of the world. And no wonder – it has the highest number of Michelin starred restaurants per capita of any city on the planet. However, it’s not just the fact that it is home to two of the ten best restaurants in the world, but its centuries of culinary history, culture with a strong focus on food, age-old local markets, traditional delicacies and pintxo bars that make this a treasure trove of culinary experiences and adventure and the perfect hotspot for Spain culinary tours . So go ahead, read on to know how you can explore the best Spanish food in San Sebastian.
Visit the La Brexta market:
No culinary vacation in Spain  would be complete without a visit to the famous La Brexta market. Watch in fascination at hams and some of the plumpest sausage links hanging side by side over fish counters brimming with the catch of the day including anchovies, bream, hake and tuna. You can even find some excellent quality lobsters, prawns, crabs and clams. While the meat and seafood here is delightfully fresh, nothing beats the excellent quality of the fruits and vegetables found in the La Brexta market. In this market you’ll be able to meet some of the best greengrocers, fishmongers and butchers not just in Spain, but in the entire world, making this a must-visit during your Spain tour packages .
Grab some pintxos:

Pintxos are Basque tapas, or snacks served with drinks in pubs and bars and quite a characteristic element of Basque cuisine. Made with squid, prawns, veal or pork tenderloin, pintxos are mouth-wateringly delicious. Visit the famed Parte Vieja for the best pintxos you will ever taste. Go from traditional watering holes to swanky nouveau Basque bars as you sample different tapas. Make sure to ask for the perfect drink to go with each – these range from sparkling cider and frothy beer to elegant white wines and heady red wines. Some of the local pintxo favourites include mini bocadillos and grilled octopus, so make sure you sample those for sure.
Try wine-tasting and a visit to a pig farm:

San Sebastian is famed for a heritage breed of pig called the EuskalTxerria and there are a few historic family-run farms that even offer tours to visitors. These tours not only include a great walk through the farm and the surroundings and a visit to see the prized pigs, but also a delicious traditional home-cooked Spanish meal. Dig in to chorizo and artisan meats, all washed down with some great local wine.

Before you leave San Sebastian, make sure you sample some of the wines of the region. A perfect end to your gourmet tours in Spain that will definitely have you coming back for more!

Nilofer Asrani loves to travel across countries in search of the perfect experience and considers herself quite a gastronome. She recently returned from a culinary vacation in Spain and in her article she shares information about some of the best Spain culinary tours you can take for a luxury travel to Spain.


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