Amazing Culinary Experiences To Try On The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is a treasure trove of amazing culinary experiences.

Any Italy holiday packages you choose are remiss if you haven’t spent at least half the time there sampling the wonders of Italian cuisine. Though you may have tried pizza, pasta, risotto, gelato and a range of other Italian treats in your own home country or even abroad, nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to gorging on Italy cuisine in Italy.

For those who enjoy luxury travel and have experienced or want to experience luxury tours in Italy, there is one kind of tour that you simply must try – an Italian culinary tour! Italian cooking, like thefood of Italy  is a rich, multi-layered experience full of passion and different flavours. One of the best places to enjoy learning to cook or even sample the most authentic Italian food is Naples,Paestum and Ravello on the Amalfi coast.

In Naples:

Most flights arrive at Naples, and from there you can go to Paestum. Take a walking tour through the historic centre of Naples. This is quite an enriching experience and gives a great feel of the wonderful heritage of the city. Don’t miss a chance to trysfogliatelle, a sweet pastry filled with ricotta cheese. This is a specialty in Naples and is best accompanied with an espresso. All in all, quite a delicious treat.
In Paestum:

After the tour, drive to Paestum and stay at a wonderful family-run hotel. Choosing a family-run hotel is better than staying at a commercial enterprise since you get to interact with locals and truly enjoy the rustic charm of the place. Here you can visit local gardens full of artichokes, aubergines, pumpkins, tomatoes and other vegetables. Learn how to pick and choose fresh produce and see how locals make sauces and preserves from the vegetables picked earlier in the day using age-old recipes. The Doric temples of Ceres, Hera, Neptune, the museum and Greek tomb paintings are some of the main tourist attractions in Paestum and a must-visit. 

In Ravello:
If you’ve ever tasted authentic Italian food, you’re bound to have tasted mozzarella cheese – the stringy kind used mostly on Italy pizza. Buffalo mozzarella is a prized product in the area and a visit to the local producer is an absolute must. A farm tour that helps you learn more about the production process followed by a mozzarella tasting session and lunch made with fresh organic local produce is the most perfect way to spend the better part of the day while in Ravello.

End your tour back in Naples and return home with fabulous memories of your time on the Amalfi Coast.

Nilofer Asrani loves to travel across countries in search of the perfect experience and considers herself quite a gastronome. She recently returned from a luxury Italy tour and in her article she shares information about some of the best Italy holiday packages you can take and enjoy your journey with amazing food of Italy.


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