Ecuador Tour – A Life-Time Experience

Although Ecuador is a small nation, but it’s incredibly diverse with the Andes Mountains

Although Ecuador is a small nation, but it’s incredibly diverse with the Andes Mountains, Amazon, and the stunning beaches of the shoreline. South America is a big continent, but few other destinations have as many choices for travelers as Ecuador does. Each year many travelers travel to Ecuador and are mesmerized with the loveliness of the nation, the impressive volcanoes, the majestic architecture, and the diverse cultures. Every town in Ecuador has something to offer, but some of the more renowned destinations comprise Quito, Guayaquil, Cotopaxi National Park, Otovalo, and the Galapagos Islands.

The Capital:

Placed south of the Equator, Quito is the capital of Ecuador and has an extremely high altitude of 9,350 feet. It’s known as the metropolis of eternal spring & the climate is very comfortable throughout the year. Quito is also known as the cultural and political capital whereas Guayaquil is the financial capital as it’s the biggest port. Quito has several great places to tour and the majestic buildings serve as a lovely backdrop.


Tourists from all over the world visit Ecuador to climb the incredible volcanoes. Positioned between the Cordillera is the "Avenue of volcanoes" comprising Cotopaxi and Chimborazo. These volcanoes are placed nearby Quito and provide incredible mountain-climbing possibilities that offer a lifetime experience.

When touring the Andean highlands several travelers visits Banos. This town provides travelers several activities from relaxing in hot spring to horse riding, mountain biking and hiking. This town also has several eateries and hotels that truly cater to travelers.


Travelers cannot leave Ecuador without touring Otavalo. This is a wonderful place to trip to purchase sweaters, blankets, artwork, belts, jewelry & other craftwork. It is only hundred kilometers from Quito, thus it can simply be a day trip for those inhabited in Quito.

Galapagos Islands:

The Galapagos Islets are placed in the Pacific Ocean 650 miles away from the Ecuador coast. There’re 12 volcanic islets, but only San Cristobal and Isabela are settled. The populace is estimated at twenty thousand and there’re quite a few volcanoes. Some travelers sail to the Galapagos Islands whereas others fly.

The flora & fauna on the islets are incredible and there’re species that do not subsist anywhere else in the globe. The Galapagos tortoises are truly worth watching.

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