Attractions and Latest Exhibitions at The Musee de la Musique

If you love are a music lover planning to visit the French capital, then you should visit the Museum of Music.

Calling all music fans, a trip to the French capital could never be complete without poping up to the city's audio hall of fame.

The Museum of Music houses some of the most influential works and objects from a diverse range of music legends, from classical to current day.

Located at the Cite de la Musique, in the heart of the Parc de la Villette, tourists can see 1,000art objects and instruments, including rare antiquities such as a  a crystal flute, a tortoise guitar and an octobass.

The site also holds items belonging to great musical superstars, including Django Reinhardt.

After entering the site, the audience is taken on a chronological trip through Western musical forms, beginning in the 17th century and until today to the present day.

The geographical and historical trip isn't restricted only to the European Continent, however, as there are many different aspects and artists from other cultures hosted within the museum too.

It definitely is an audio treat, with musical guide headphones with recordings of not only tours, but also instruments inside each of the collections, allowing families to truly get a feel for what is seen on display.

The ones who really love music can also visit one of the daily free concerts, to listen to some of the instruments seen around the museum.

As well as concerts every evening, there always are the permanent and temporary exhibitions to see. Right now, on display, there is the ‘Music and Film: The Marriage of the Century?’ , on display until  August 18th 2013.

This specific exhibition at the Musee de la Musique examines the relation between film and music and is made for all audiences, from film lovers to music fanatics.

It reveals the role that musical sound has played in the development and perception of some of the world's most famous films, since the silent films of the late 19th century and following on until when the soundtrack was born.

The objects on show explore the differences between orchestra music, stage music and blockbuster tracks, such as Pulp Fiction.

Also, they discuss into how music can help directors invent or develop the story, and also how it tells its own tale at the same time as the dialogue or action scenes.

People visiting the museum can watch over 100 film excerpts, as well as looking at interviews, photos, album covers and film shoot documents and with the possibility of interaction in specific creative areas. With so much to be seen and experienced, the Museum of Music is certainly a place not to be missed by the music fan looking for Paris attractions.


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