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VoIP Phone Systems – Alternative Telecom Systems

188 views |18 September / 2015, Technology/VoIP by Owen Kingsley, N/A

A breakthrough technology was introduced in the area of telecoms which has forever changed the way we all communicate nowadays. That is the VoIP or voice over internet protocol. This phone system allows you ...

Least Cost Routing: What You Need to Know

277 views |19 January / 2015, Technology/VoIP by AaronILeon, N/A

When making telephone calls, the common question is what you can do to save money. The more calls you make the more important it becomes for you to reduce costs. With least cost routing this challenge is sol ...

Least Cost Routing: Avoid Extra Costs

232 views |12 June / 2014, Technology/VoIP by MikeTindall, N/A

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens when you make a call to someone outside your own country or at times even to someone residing in a different state? The long complicated procedure, also known as l ...

Least Cost Routing Software Offers Easy Call Access

341 views |23 May / 2014, Technology/VoIP by MikeTindall, N/A

Technology and its advancements have offered immense success to almost all fields. The IT professionals have presently developed various software and apps to track the routing of outbound calls and their cos ...

Video Conference Systems for your Business

315 views |28 May / 2013, Technology/VoIP by Connor, N/A

If you are looking to invest in video conference equipment for your business, it will be important to look over some of the different systems that are available. Because you are going to have so many differe ...

Different Types Of Home Telephone Systems

730 views |2 May / 2013, Technology/VoIP by Trent S, D

Home telephone systems are similar to those used in office and business establishment settings. However, they're devoid of the overly complicated workings needed to connect an entire office. Most are cell ph ...

Business VoIP Phone Systems

554 views |11 June / 2012, Technology/VoIP by Jesse Nathaniel, N/A

Communication is important – it's actually vital to the operation of any good business, which is why various improvements have been made in this regard for a long time now. If you want to ensure that your ...

Conference Call Technology Advancements Offer Large Benefits for Companies

511 views |12 April / 2012, Technology/VoIP by Steven Stewart, D

There was a time when making an international call was considered to be an expensive proposition. The first conference call would have probably been made somewhere in the 1990’s when companies felt the n ...

Reasons to Choose an 800 Conference Calling Service

411 views |12 April / 2012, Technology/VoIP by Steven Stewart, D

If you are a company that has multiple offices in multiple locations, it is pertinent that you start to use an 800 conference calling service. This is because the technology used in such calls has made it ...

Benefits of 800 Conference Calls

633 views |12 April / 2012, Technology/VoIP by Steven Stewart, D

Advancements in 800 conference call technology have made conference calling easier, cheaper, and better. Different teleconferencing providers use different technologies. If you want the best teleconferenc ...

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