You Might Use These Smart Flexible Windows in the Future

Today in future tech - You Might Use These Smart Flexible Windows in the Future & The Unity of Light and Electricity.

Our #WednesdayWisdom for today is to #NeverGiveUp and #KeepMovingForward! Let’s get started with the latest in future science and technology from around the world.

You Might Use These Smart Flexible Windows in the Future

In sci-fi movies and futuristic TV Shows, we often find people interacting with their windows in a smarter fashion. Fortunately, modern technology is allowing us to realize our sci-fi gadgets into reality. One such research took place in Austin, where researchers at the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas demonstrated smart flexible windows, the coating of which is easier and cheaper to apply than what we use today.

“There’s relatively little insight into amorphous materials and how their properties are impacted by local structure. But, we were able to characterize with enough specificity what the local arrangement of the atoms is, so that it sheds light on the differences in properties in a rational way. Such collaborative efforts that combine complementary techniques are, in my view, the key to the rational design of new materials,” said Delia Milliron, Associate Professor, McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering. “We want to see if we can marry the best performance with this new low-temperature processing strategy.”

The Unity of Light and Electricity

We’ve already blogged about how Moore’s Law might not be applicable in 2021. The world of technological innovation is, ultimately, about making smaller devices which are much-more powerful than their predecessors. However, we were limited because the computer processes information on semiconductor chips, and this data is transmitted through optical cables – until now, with the following amazing innovation by University of Cambridge researchers.

“We’re reaching the limits of how small we can make transistors, and electronics based on liquid light could be a way of increasing the power and efficiency of the electronics we rely on,” Researchers say, “The polariton [Bose-Einstein condensates] switch unifies the best properties of electronics and optics into one tiny device that can deliver at very high speeds while using minimal amounts of power,” says Dr. Alexander Dreismann, Lead Author of the study.

Nerve Transfer Surgery Allows Patients to Regain Control after Paralysis

The world’s first nerve transfer surgery has allowed 44-year-old quadriplegic Tim Raglin of Canada to regain movement in some fingers of this right hand. A nearly-fatal deep-dive into shallow water left Raglin paralyzed for life – until now. Performed by Dr. Kirsty Boyd from the Ottawa Hospital, the nerve transfer surgery helped him open his fingers after much post-surgery rehabilitation.

“It was kind of a shock. And it’s really moving now: There’s a lot of nerves touching muscles that are getting stronger…Every iteration, it just gets more and more exciting,” he said.

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