Self-Healing Fabric Helps Repair Torn Clothes and Other Tech

Today in tech - Self-Healing Fabric Helps Repair Torn Clothes, and Industrial Robot by French Designers Might Ink You.

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Self-Healing Fabric Helps Repair Torn Clothes

Ever experienced the trauma of tearing a very expensive piece of clothing? Most people would just dispose it, but in the future, you might not have to. That’s exactly what Pennsylvania State University researchers have just demonstrated – fabric that can repair itself after damage.

“Textile manufacturers can coat already-made fabric with the liquid. The coated fabric then has a self-repair ability automatically built into it. Additionally, cloth can be made using fiber that’s actually produced with the protein. This way the cloth will inherently have the ability to self-repair with the application of pressure and water,” explains Melik Demirel, Engineering Science and Mechanics professor at Pennsylvania State University.

Surprisingly, they found the protein in squid tentacles. He adds, “Squid is a limited resource. So we needed to replicate this unique property found in squid protein using biotechnology and other substances.”

Industrial Robot by French Designers Might Ink Your Next Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is strictly human business – that is, artificial intelligence cannot quite understand the intricacies associated with tattoo design. French designers Johan Da Silveira and Pierre Emm, who are partners of design studio Appropriate Audiences, have just released their state-of-the-art robotic tattoo artist, which is essentially an automatic tattoo machine of the future.

“With tons of support from the Autodesk Applied Research Lab, we did the first ever tattoo by an industrial robot,” says Emm, “This project is looking like it will include at the very least a Fusion 360 for designing the end effector (tattoo head) and Dynamo to help control the movement of the robot itself.”

“To be tattooed by a robot represents for us the accomplishment in the development of our process which we have worked towards. Behind the machine is a lot of human involvement. The tattoo also represents the connection between the tool and the person piloting the machine. We work very hard on the question of hygiene and security to bring the process to the highest level possible,” he adds.

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