Baidu Leaps into Augmented Reality with DuSee & Other Tech

Today in tech - Baidu Leaps into Augmented Reality with DuSee | This Medical Snake Robot can Slide into Orifices.

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Baidu Leaps into Augmented Reality with DuSee

Baidu, china’s leading search engine, is constantly coming up with new innovations & technologies for the tech industry. Now, they are looking to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to improve China’s leading search engine through DuSee.

“Baidu aims to provide the best and most equitable way for people to find what they're looking for. DuSee is a natural extension of Baidu's AI expertise. The platform uses sophisticated computer vision and deep learning to understand and then augment a scene. The path to better AR is through better AI," says Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist at Baidu, in Baidu’s official press release.

Director of IDL, Yuanqing Lin explained how Baidu utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to create smart 3D objects that have rich interactions with the real world, "Many smartphone AR apps today work by 'pasting' a cartoon on top of the camera image, regardless of that image's contents. The next generation of AR apps will use AI to understand the 3D environment, and create virtual objects that have rich interactions with the user and the real world. We are excited about future directions such as integrating AR with speech recognition and natural language processing."

This Medical Snake Robot can Slide into Orifices

Robot surgeries might be far from reality, considering the fact that it is a minimally invasive surgery. But it hasn’t stopped companies from entering this widely-unsaturated market, as you’ll find out in this next health tech news section. We cover a lot of health tech, especially autonomous surgeries, on this blog. But we haven’t had a chance to cover the Flex Robotic System from Medrobotics, a surgical products company based in Raynham, Massachusetts, which is pretty much a snake-like robot that can enter the body and move around with great flexibility.

“The Flex Robotic System gives physicians the ability to access anatomical locations that were previously difficult or impossible to reach minimally invasively. And because it is affordable and efficient, [it] allows hospitals to expand the patient population that they serve and improve the productivity of their facilities,” the company explains on its website.

“My colleagues and I performed the world’s first robotic-assisted cancer procedures with the Medrobotics Flex® Robotic System two years ago. The technology has continually improved since then, allowing us better access to challenging surgical sites. This unique, flexible system offers a number of surgical advantages over linear robot systems that move in straight lines. The most obvious one is it can navigate the body’s natural curves,” says Dr. Stephan Lang, Professor of Medicine at the Department of Otolaryngology in University Hospital, Essen.

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