World’s Fastest Brick-Laying Robot and Other Future Tech

Today in future tech - World’s Fastest Brick-Laying Robot, Communicating with People with Locked-In Syndrome, and

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World’s Fastest Brick-Laying Robot

Although 3D Printing is set to revolutionize the construction industry, we see very little of the technology being employed presently. But a recent time-lapse video of the world’s fastest brick-laying robot caught our attention – the Hadrian X by Australia-based Fastbrick Robotics – a 3D-printing robot that can lay 1000 bricks/hour.

“From the computer aided design of a house structure, [the Hadrian X] 3D robotic end to end bricklaying system handles the automatic loading cutting, routing and placement of all the bricks course by course. The high level accuracy of the finished product allows following trades to pre-fabricate from the CAD design then simply install,” they explain on their homepage.

3D Printing has a lot of advantages in the construction industry, and can improve occupational health & safety (OH&S), and produce less waste. According to the company, their design “allows for maximum mobility and is able to work on almost any block size”; the reduced construction time allowing “for greater flexibility and time/cost savings to builders and their customers.”

Communicating with People with Locked-In Syndrome

Damage to the brain stem results in the ‘locked-in syndrome’ – a brain disorder that allows people to retain consciousness, yet, not verbally express themselves. Now, NeuroSky – the company behind the ‘Star Wars Force Trainer’ – has released the MindScribe headset, a

“MindScribe is a new communication system that will help families struggling with locked-in syndrome. It is controlled using brainwaves, so it can help maintain important relationships even in the final stages of the syndrome when all muscle control is lost,” says NeuroSky, “We are launching a crowdfunding campaign this summer to fund the development of new features like typing and emergency signals that can help people dealing with the brutal symptoms of ALS and other diseases.”

SpaceX to Spend $300m on Mars Mission

We now know that SpaceX might launch to Mars as soon as May 2018. But, what many might not have inferred was the amount they’re spending to get there.

According to SpaceNews, “[When] asked by the committee how much SpaceX was spending, [Jim Reuter, Deputy Associate Administrator for Programs in NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate] indicated that the company’s investment was 10 times that of NASA. ‘They did talk to us about a 10-to-1 arrangement in terms of cost: theirs 10, ours 1,’ he said, ‘I think that’s in the ballpark.’ Given NASA’s investment, that implies SpaceX is spending around $300 million on Red Dragon.”

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