Delivering High Speed Internet through Optical Fibers in Space

Today in Tech - Delivering High Speed Internet through Optical Fibers in Space & Convert Your Phone into a Laptop

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Delivering High Speed Internet through Optical Fibers in Space

Although modern technology has brought a boost in global internet speeds, we’ve seen many companies & startups trying to innovate in this very domain. Made In Space – a company that operates a 3D Printer aboard the International Space Station – plans to grow 100 meters of optical fiber in a micro-gravity-based environment to check whether growing optical fiber in the desolate environment could leak to better performance.

“Made In Space’s in-space manufacturing activities expand the commercial envelope to making valuable goods there too. We believe in-space manufacturing of goods valuable to people on Earth will soon drive significant commercial activity in space, perhaps - one day creating a space-based economic boom,” said Andrew Rush, CEO, Made In Space.

“The goal of this partnership is to combine our in-space manufacturing expertise with Thorlabs’ optical fiber expertise in order to rapidly develop microgravity-manufactured high-quality fiber and introduce it into existing and new markets,” he added.

Convert Your Phone into a Laptop using this Smartphone Shell

For some people, it is difficult to get comfortable using a smartphone because of its portable nature. Now, people who want to convert their smartphone into a laptop can do so with an amazing idea. With over $730,000 in funding from crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, The Superbook is a shell that can convert your smartphone into a full-featured laptop!

“You already do a lot on your smartphone: it's convenient, portable, and holds all of your apps, files, and contacts. In fact, you could accomplish a lot more with it, but are often held back by its small screen size and limited mobile interface. That's why we created the Superbook - to remove those restrictions and give you the freedom of using just one computer,” reads the product’s Kickstarter page.

Isn’t it amazing? We’ve seen many recent advancements in the software industry when talking about mobile application development in general. But does it operate just like any other laptop? We had to investigate.

“At its core, the Superbook is a smart laptop shell that provides a large screen, keyboard and multi-touch trackpad, 8+ hours of battery, and phone charging capabilities. When plugged into your Android smartphone, it launches our app to deliver the full laptop experience. All features and capabilities of your new Android phone will be still be compatible with your Superbook.”

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