New Living Hip Removes Pain for Arthritis Sufferers

Today in Health Tech - New Living Hip Removes Pain for Arthritis Sufferers,Using AI to Track Vaccinations, and a Robot

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New Living Hip Removes Pain for Arthritis Sufferers

Undergoing hip replacement surgery, including the pain experienced in the post-surgery recovery phase, is not an easy ordeal for arthritis patients. Scientists from the University of Washington have come up with a 3D-printed, artificial ‘living hip’ that releases anti-inflammatory molecules that stop arthritis from causing pain to the patient again. The new implant is biodegradable & synthetic, and can hold up to 10 times a patient’s body weight.

“We’ve developed a way to resurface an arthritic joint using a patient’s own stem cells to grow new cartilage, combined with gene therapy to release anti-inflammatory molecules to keep arthritis at bay. Our hope is to prevent, or at least delay, a standard metal and plastic prosthetic joint replacement,” said Farshid Guilak, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery.

An artificial implant that lives & breathes, you wonder? "When there is inflammation, we can give a patient a simple drug, which activates the gene we've implanted, to lower inflammation in the joint. We can stop giving the drug at any time, which turns off the gene,” he explains.

Using AI to Track Vaccinations

At the Michigan State University, researchers are using artificial intelligence to analyze fingerprints & track child vaccinations. Also, the technology can be used to identify missing children, as well as track down those children who were swapped at birth.

“We want to make sure there’s complete coverage, that every child is given the right vaccinations. With fingerprint-based health records, we can track this. We’re designing our own fingerprint-matching (software) and training it using GPUs and deep learning. [However, it’s challenging because] When you put a finger on the sensor and apply the slightest pressure, there’s a lot of distortion in the fingerprint image,” said Research Lead Anil Jain.

This Robot Processes, Serves and Cooks Your Order

The BratWurst Bot is an autonomous robot that can cook and serve German sausages completely on its own. It made its debut at a show for the German Government.

“A regular tablet with a ROS-based web frontend was used as an interface. The guests could easily order a sausage via this tablet. Then the ordered bratwurst appeared in a queue on the tablet with the name of the guest and the remaining preparation time,” reads their press release.

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