6 Coolest Patents Issued in 2016

2016 brought about many technological changes. Here we show you some of the most coolest patents in 2016.

With the massive technological wave brought about in the CES, everyone got a glimpse of the future. However, on the other side of the internet (?), there were some patents issued in the name of science and technology that were just too cool to ignore. Without further ado, here they are:

Google’s Persona Management System (US 9,235,325)

Google patented a persona management system that identifies the various personas used by an individual when browsing the internet. For example, a software engineer might surf the web for technology news and related articles. However, he might not want his co-workers to know about the various celebrities he follows (if they are not safe for work, etc.). The individual will be able to switch between various personas based on the context of the website.

Mitsubishi’s Bird-Imitating Drone (US 20160009389)

Drones are the hype nowadays. Plus, since mankind has set foot on this earth, we have all wanted to fly like a bird. Mitsubishi has patented a bird-like drone with flapping wings, having advantages like noise reduction and wider field of view, along with both fixed and rotary wing designs.

Google’s Ocean CO2 Cleaner (US 9,227,168)

Google has patented an ocean vessel that uses electrolysis to use up carbon dioxide in the sea and produces hydrogen gas as the output. Once hydrogen and carbon are produced, a refiner springs into action and produces jet fuel as the final output. An aerial component vehicle attached to this system uses wind energy to produce electricity to power the vessel in the water.

Solar-powered Aircraft (US 20160009402)

A new type of solar reflecting technology patent is issued. In this, solar radiation is redirected using ground reflectors towards an aircraft, delivering solar energy without the need for solar batteries or solar panels.

Hyundai’s Wireless Door Charger (US 20160013679)

Hyundai developed a door charging system that wirelessly charges a mobile phone using the door pockets of cars (generally used to open and close car doors). Also, the system warns a passenger when the phone is left in the car to prevent theft.

Lockheed Martin’s Anti-Missile Wall

This is the coolest, and sounds something straight out of a science fiction movie! Lockheed Martin developed an anti-missile barrier that deploys a flexible wall in front of the missile’s path. When the missile hits the wall, the surface of the wall wraps around the missile, depriving it of lift and air movement across its flight control surfaces. Thus, the missile won’t hit its intended target.


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