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Vendor Verification for Secure Free File Share

257 views |26 February / 2013, Technology/Technology by Cave Johnson, C-

With ever increasing computing and data sharing, there are more chances that your data faces thefts irrespective of the location where you save it. The recent competitor in the milieu of free file share is ...

Identifying and Dealing with Threats of File Share with Cloud Services

298 views |26 February / 2013, Technology/Technology by Cave Johnson, C-

Without a doubt, the cloud platform is an exuberant file sharing and data storage service that can help share large files easily among various users from different spheres but there still may be some threa ...

Your New TV Can Now Watch You and Listen to You

427 views |25 February / 2013, Technology/Technology by Connie H Deutsch, C+

by Connie H. Deutsch If ever there was a time to worry about your privacy being invaded, that time is now. I doubt if most people are aware that their new Samsung 2012 top of the line ...

Your Robot Will Soon Be Smarter Than You

333 views |22 February / 2013, Technology/Technology by Connie H Deutsch, C+

When  computers came out, my first thought was that they were going to replace humans.  I couldn't imagine it not happening but everyone kept telling me that computers couldn't operate by themselves, that ...

Portable Solar Panels for Outdoor Activities

255 views |15 February / 2013, Technology/Technology by John Brown, N/A

More and more people are switching to portable solar panels as an alternative to grid electricity. While these are more expensive, these are ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or trickle ...

Land Surveying: 3 Interesting Ways To Measure The World

311 views |5 February / 2013, Technology/Technology by Dennis, N/A

Have you ever driven down the road and seen a few guys, each with a yellow tripod, several meters apart doing what appears to be staring at each other?  Occasionally, you'll see one looking through a contra ...

Tips on Finding the Right Test and Measurement Equipment

249 views |19 January / 2013, Technology/Technology by Dakota, N/A

There are a wide range of engineering facilities that rely on the use of test and measurement equipment, and this sort of equipment is a fundamental part of many industrial and commercial processes. Of cours ...

How Do Solar Panels Work?

241 views |11 January / 2013, Technology/Technology by Christopher Brown, N/A

You might have heard the name of solar panels at a lot more places. You might have heard that these solar panels reduce the electricity bill to a great extent. This is the reason why use of solar panels is ...

Test Your Working Skills with Carbon Fiber Styli

286 views |10 December / 2012, Technology/Technology by Greg Shellabarger, N/A

There are different kinds of indicator tips that can simplify your writing needs. Whether you are a student or require the usage of pens for commercial purposes, the pen with an indicator tip can be your p ...

Murderer At Large

367 views |6 October / 2012, Technology/Technology by Connie H Deutsch, C+

by Connie H. Deutsch I've always thought of myself as a peace-loving individual.  Although I thrive in an atmosphere of serenity and harmony I'm not the type of person to advocate peace at any p ...

Some Other Use for Earphones

329 views |27 June / 2012, Technology/Technology by Steven, N/A

If you have a great pair of earphones then these will enable you to enjoy your music at a much better quality than is otherwise possible. If you are someone who really enjoys music and who has any interest i ...

Safety Precautions When Using Earphones

308 views |27 June / 2012, Technology/Technology by Steven, N/A

Using earphones is a fantastic way to get a much better experience when you're enjoying music and this way you can enjoy surround sound that sounds so crisp and vibrant that it's almost as though it's inside ...

American Standards for Electrical and Electronic Systems in Marine Applications

653 views |26 June / 2012, Technology/Technology by CMR Group, N/A

For electrical and electronic systems used for marine applications, it is important that systems are not only efficient and reliable, but also meet marine classification standards. Standards for quality, p ...

From Bluetooth to Apple Smartphones – Its Innovation every inch!

369 views |5 June / 2012, Technology/Technology by Augusta Perri, N/A

Modernization of technology has transformed and upgraded the way of our communication. In earlier times, we had only land line phones through which we could talk to our friends and relatives. But now the who ...

Upgrade Your Home Automation System With X10 Technology

478 views |23 May / 2012, Technology/Technology by Glenn uidam, N/A

If you are just starting out in house automation or seeking to upgrade through X10, this short article is for you personally! Home automation systems may become large systems with time since the procedure of ...

New ID Scanner with Customer Relationship Management Software

585 views |28 March / 2012, Technology/Technology by tokenworks, N/A

This new ID Scanner provides a refined hardware platform for Tokenworks’ CRM software with integrated age calculation for alcohol and/or tobacco sales. In addition to scanning barcode and magnetic stripe l ...

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