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Top Tips for Cloud Back up

246 views |1 April / 2014, Technology/Technology by Drew Fenway, D

Cloud back up in Kansas City is the most powerful service to protect your valuable data. It not only secures your data but also makes it highly sharable over various mobile devices and geographical locations ...

Top 10 Most Expensive Phones on the Planet

279 views |25 September / 2013, Technology/Technology by Sam Jones, C-

Approximately 59 million people in the UK have a mobile phone, and more than half of us have two. While we may keep the older version hidden away in a drawer somewhere in case we need it, we are usually more ...

Shut the World Out and Enjoy

351 views |19 October / 2013, Technology/Technology by Sam Jones, C-

Where you want to stream radio over your smart phone, or listen to extensive catalogue of downloaded music on your audio system in your home, a top quality set of headphones can enhance the experience. ...

Powerbank- An Electricity Back Up

217 views |6 December / 2013, Technology/Technology by premium gift, N/A

The electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets are the most essential need of almost every individual. These gadgets carry a great value and are very helpful in nature. You can easily man ...

The Engineering Challenges Of Subsea Pipelines

211 views |9 November / 2013, Technology/Technology by Denzel, N/A

There is a veritable wealth of minerals locked away under the ocean and due to a high level of demand there is a race to unlock them. Two of the most sought after resources under the sea floor are natural ga ...

Automatic Fire Extinguisher for Your Employee Safety

378 views |19 October / 2013, Technology/Technology by VMarbach, N/A

Fire is one of those elements that can be considered as a boon and as an element of destruction. On one hand, it provides you with warmth and energy to heat food and produce energy to run v ...

Z wave Automation Techniques in Homes and Offices

277 views |11 October / 2013, Technology/Technology by Glenn uidam, N/A

House automation systems are made to control a variety of systems in your home, including protection monitoring. For homeowners who would like to go past unmonitored systems along with the more advanced moni ...

Your Data's Extended Arm - Cloud Backup Services

257 views |9 October / 2013, Technology/Technology by Cave Johnson, N/A

Cloud backup services can be very advantageous for businesses as well as individuals. These services can be utilized for anything that one could do on a computer. It also makes the operation of a business co ...

Getting The Best Scanning Service

263 views |18 September / 2013, Technology/Technology by Nidhi Shrivastava, D

Microfilm scanning service is mainly provided by specialists in the field. Reliable and professional document scanning companies have the latest technologies and expert staff to provide microfilm scanning se ...

Sapphire Optical Windows Perform in Demanding Applications

225 views |21 August / 2013, Technology/Technology by harithakruthi, N/A

Sapphire Windows manufactured from single crystal sapphire are ideal for demanding applications such as laser systems, where high pressures, high temperatures, high thermal loads, vacuum conditions, scratch/ ...

Four Parameters to Consider when Specifying Sapphire Windows

368 views |26 August / 2013, Technology/Technology by harithakruthi, N/A

Sapphire windows are available in a number of different grades, or quality levels, each designed to meet the needs of a particular application.  For example, the highest grades can be used for the most dema ...

Sapphire Emerges as a Valuable Scientific Resource

456 views |19 August / 2013, Technology/Technology by harithakruthi, N/A

Valued for many years as a precious gem, sapphire today is finding new uses as a scientific resource in a host of industrial, military and aerospace applications.  Because of its physical, optical and chemi ...

Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

470 views |29 July / 2013, Technology/Technology by Cave Johnson, C-

Do you feel the high end technology of secure cloud services is a limited privilege to big business owners and top organizations? Think again, various facilities and services as offered by the cloud can g ...

Move to The Cloud: Busting Small Business Myths

251 views |28 July / 2013, Technology/Technology by Cave Johnson, C-

With minimum hardware requirement and tech savvy professionals to manage the intricacies, secure cloud services are a bountiful to small businesses but many are still hesitant to adapt the benefits that cl ...

File Share - Achieve Seamless Data Access

320 views |7 June / 2013, Technology/Technology by Cave Johnson, C-

Understanding the changing paradigms of file share is essential in today’s competitive world. Mobile computing is gaining popularity and has given rise to several new opportunities regarding large file ...

Share Large Files Smartly, Swiftly, and Securely

295 views |26 April / 2013, Technology/Technology by Cave Johnson, C-

A few years back, the only easy way of exchanging business information was through e-mails. Businesses struggled as they needed to share large files. Sharing large files through emails is impossible and t ...

Transfer and Share Large Files at Will!

278 views |25 April / 2013, Technology/Technology by Cave Johnson, C-

Most enterprises’ workload is now handled by the secure cloud services in today’s highly modernized era. A cloud is usually a place that is managed on the web to take care of your entire large file tra ...

Hydraulic Pumps: Understanding the Basics

403 views |13 April / 2013, Technology/Technology by Maureen Wright, N/A

Hydraulic pumps are primarily used to transfer power to an actuator to help the machine perform functions such as lifting, lowering, opening, closing, or rotating components. Hydraulic pumps come in a wid ...

Hijacking An Airplane No Longer Science Fiction

404 views |12 April / 2013, Technology/Technology by Connie H Deutsch, C+

by Connie H. Deutsch After 9/11, we became paranoid about airport security.  We couldn't even take lip balm or nail clippers on airplanes.  TSA agents have been allowed to get away with sexual ...

Vendor Verification for Secure Free File Share

257 views |26 February / 2013, Technology/Technology by Cave Johnson, C-

With ever increasing computing and data sharing, there are more chances that your data faces thefts irrespective of the location where you save it. The recent competitor in the milieu of free file share is ...

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