2 Galaxy Variants Compared - The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active vs. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

If you want to know more about which phone we're recommending today, then read on to get all the info you'll need to make the best mobile buying decision that you can make.

There are literally thousands of different mobile phones on the market these days, meaning that if you're looking for a new phone you've got an overwhelming amount of choice. Given that you're going to be spending a few hundred pounds on your purchase you're going to want to know that you're getting the best value for money. Plus, of course, you want to know that you're getting a decent, reliable hand set. So many of us nowadays are dependent on a mobile phone, either for professional reasons, or because we've ditched the unnecessary added expense of a home land line phone, so a good mobile is an essential item. But comparing mobiles can be difficult. There's just so much technical language and so many big numbers, that it can really be difficult to know what you're getting for your money if you're not a tech wizard. And that's where we come into the picture. We've taken a closer look at some of the newest phones on the market, and broken down their features and specs. We then place models into head to head competition so that you can see exactly how two different devices compare. If you want to know more about which phone we're recommending today, then read on to get all the info you'll need to make the best mobile buying decision that you can make.

The Samsung Galaxys...

Samsung is one of the biggest brand names on today's mobile market, and the Galaxy series needs little introduction. One of the best-selling phone series of all time, the Samsung Galaxys are known for being high featured, reliable and all around great phones. In 2012, many experts considered the Samsung Galaxy S III to be the best mobile on the market. And that meant that the release of the Galaxy S4, the S III's update, was an eagerly awaited event for many people at the beginning of this year. And the Galaxy S4 proved to be an amazing device, one of the highest featured phones on the market. But the S4 comes with a pretty hefty price tag. For this reason, Samsung also released several mini versions of the regular S4. And today we're looking at two of these: the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. Given that they retail for the same price, you may be forgiven for thinking that they're not that different. But that couldn't be less true...

What You'll be Paying...

For the best pay as you go deals on the Galaxy S4 Zoom you're looking at paying around four hundred and fifty pounds to buy the hand set up front. The best contract deal with a mobile operator on the Zoom is going to be with Talk Mobile, who will give you the device for free on a £30 a month contract. The best pay as you go deals on the Galaxy S4 Active will again mean paying around four hundred and fifty pounds up front for the hand set. And none of the major UK operators currently offer the Active on contract.

Why the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is Better...

As the name might imply, the Galaxy S4 Active is a rugged phone, meaning that it's both dust proof and waterproof, but it also has several other advantages over the Zoom model. It runs the faster processor, having a 1900 MHz model over the Zoom's 1500 MHz model, so it's more powerful and more responsive to input. It also has a full five inch screen versus the Zoom's 4.3 inch screen, meaning you get a better viewing experience and that typing on the pop up on screen keyboard is a lot easier and more comfortable. The display has four times higher screen resolution and around seventy per cent higher PPI (pixels per inch), so it's noticeably brighter, crisper and better defined than that of the Zoom. You also get more internal storage on the Active, since it's got a 16 GB memory rather than the Zoom's 8 GB of storage, so you'll have double the amount of space to keep your music, photos and other data. Plus, you get better battery life since the Active averages around seventeen hours of active use per battery charge cycle over the Zoom's thirteen hours, so you'll need to charge your phone less often. And despite the larger screen, the Active is around forty per cent thinner and thirty per cent smaller overall than the Zoom, as well as being lighter, weighing in at 151 grams versus 208 grams for the Zoom, so the Active is that much more portable...

Why the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is Better...

Put up against that kind of competition, it's hard to see how the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom can compete. It does have a much higher resolution camera. The Zoom comes equipped with a 16 MP built in camera, whilst the Active has only the standard 8 MP camera. That means that you'll be able to capture more fine detail and therefore get better quality photos, particularly important if you plan on printing or enlarging your pictures. The camera is also capable of shooting high resolution full HD video, whilst the one on the Active can't. The Galaxy Zoom has a Super AMOLED screen, rather than the older TFT LCD technology used on the Active, meaning you get better colour reproduction. However, given the higher resolution and PPI on the Active's display, that's not really noticeable. Finally, the Zoom does have a built in FM radio, which is hardly a necessity, but some people may see it as a selling point.

Which to Buy?

This is hardly a tough decision. These two mobiles retail for the same price, and yet you get so much more for your money with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. The bigger and better screen, the faster processor, more internal storage, even a better battery, all combine to make the Active far better value for money than the Zoom.

A friend of Phil Turner's asked him about getting the best pay as you go deals. Phil was happy to help and pass on his knowledge of comparison sites like uSwitch.


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