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The Spark – On Becoming a Preacher of Fitness

404 views |8 November / 2012, Sports and Fitness/Muscle Building by Israel Estes, D

Many people think of Arnold Schwarzenegger as some kind of muscle bound oaf whose foray into politics was little more than an ill-advised gimmick. Regardless of how Arnie's political career turned out though ...

How to Make Your Workouts Hurt More

402 views |30 June / 2012, Sports and Fitness/Muscle Building by Liam Nathan, N/A

At first glance this title might be rather of putting. Surely you'd rather be reading an article on how to hurt less right? Well if you have gone ahead and started reading this all the same then more power t ...

Top 10 Mistakes Done While Strength Training

633 views |14 April / 2012, Sports and Fitness/Muscle Building by Kate Wilson, N/A

Now days, youngsters are ready to do anything to get their body like Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger have. But they often forget that getting into that shape is not easy and requires lots of hard ...

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