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Three Interesting Facts About Taekwondo

88 views |10 March / 2016, Sports and Fitness/Martial Arts by Ravi Raveendran, N/A

Taekwondo is undeniably today’s most popular martial arts technique. As a matter of fact, the majority of martial arts students wants to master Taekwondo more than any other technique. So, to spark your in ...

Ufc Is The Biggest Mixed Martial Arts Promotion Company

275 views |7 February / 2015, Sports and Fitness/Martial Arts by Gabe Jackson, N/A

Many of us love to watch and enjoy sports which involve some kind of extreme adrenaline rush, doses of wildness and display of an impressive fighting spirit. There are some sports which involve showcasing ph ...

Ultimate Fighting Championship – Rumors, Facts and News

259 views |11 December / 2014, Sports and Fitness/Martial Arts by Gabe Jackson, N/A

You might have heard of Bruce Lee, the most famous and the most formidable martial arts superstars of all time.I am saying you mighta have heard of him but there was an entire generation that act ...

Mixed Martial Arts – Redefining The World Of Fighting Sports

324 views |19 November / 2014, Sports and Fitness/Martial Arts by Gabe Jackson, N/A

The world of martial arts is extremely varied indeed. One may argue that ever since the dawn of civilisation, man has felt the inner need to prove his dominance, whether for acquiring another land or protect ...

A Guide to Judo

365 views |18 January / 2013, Sports and Fitness/Martial Arts by Emery Lukas, N/A

Judo is a type of martial art which originates from Japan. It has since developed into an olympic sport, which is practiced by millions of people all over the world. This articles takes a look at the history ...

Don't Count on Luck to Prevent an Assault

390 views |4 August / 2012, Sports and Fitness/Martial Arts by Jesse Keith, N/A

There are stories about women being assaulted, mugged or otherwise victimized that appear on the news every day. Unfortunately, many men perceive women as being the weaker sex and think they are easy targets ...

Legendary Fitness: Bruce Lee

629 views |30 June / 2012, Sports and Fitness/Martial Arts by Liam Nathan, N/A

There are many heroes in the world of bodybuilding and fitness and when it comes to those who have managed to accomplish the most incredible physiques and pull of the most amazing physical feats, there are p ...

Learn Taekwondo for Self Defense

462 views |2 May / 2012, Sports and Fitness/Martial Arts by Phillis Sylvester, N/A

People are opting for a flexible training center which offers classes for 3 hours for 6 days a week. Many schools and corporations have also started giving self defense education to its students and employee ...

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