What Is This World Coming To?

Many people are revelling in the freedom of being unemployed and are feeling more deprived when they can't afford a new car than they are when they can't afford to pay the mortgage on their house.

Everywhere I look, people are doing less and expecting more.  I keep hearing people complain about not having enough money, yet they don't seem to want to work for it.  Those who are working for it, count the minutes until quitting time.

Over the past four months, I've seen more contractors and handymen destroy the furnishings of others and not even be aware of what they are doing or, if they are aware of what they are doing, they simply don't care.  When you tell them not to get paint on your furniture, they look at you with a blank expression and proceed to splatter paint over everything.  And invariably, I hear them complain about having too little money because of the failing economy.

The telephone company is another prime example of this terrible work ethic.  When you call them, all they want to do is sell you something.  If you don't want to buy anything, they either rush you off the phone or they disconnect the call.  You have to wait a week for a service call even if it's an emergency, then when they do come to the house, the phones stop working an hour after they leave and you have to wait another week for someone else to come to repair the same problem.

Customer service seems to be a thing of the past.  Most of the trucks have a GPS system so that the boss knows where his employees are every minute of the day and he can time each of their jobs.  More specifically, he wants to make sure he's getting his money's worth from his employees.  And heaven help his employees if their job takes ten minutes more than the boss estimates that the job should take.  The telephone company is a notable example of this.

If a repairman comes to your house to fix a problem on your line and you ask him to make a minor repair on another piece of telephone equipment that would only take him a few minutes, he's not allowed to do it.  You have to make another appointment and wait another week for someone else to come out to fix it even though the repairman who is there could fix it in a few minutes.

Since the bottom line has become more important than the customer, you would think companies would pay more attention to customer service so that their patrons keep coming back to them.  That's what you would think but you'd be wrong.

It seems that the more concerned they are about the bottom line, the less attention they pay to the consumer's needs.  They don't seem to know how to connect the dots.  They don't realize that if their customers are unhappy with the service or a product, they will go elsewhere for the service and buy a different product at a different store.

Employees often don't realize that if their company is losing money, they may be out of a job.  Or maybe they do realize it and simply don't care. 

There was a time when the thought of being unemployed sent terror into the hearts of people.  There are still many who fear being unemployed but there is a new strata of society that is emerging.  These people are rebelling against the strictures of the working class; they are revelling in the freedom of their new joblessness and aren't eager to return to the pressures of the working world.

We're living in a crazy world.  The things that have been the bedrock of civilization as we know it, have become trivialized.  The indulgences we were led to believe were status symbols for the idle rich have now become the standard to which the lower and middle classes aspire and feel cheated if they can't have.  When people who can't afford to pay the mortgage on their house feel deprived if they can't buy a new boat or a luxury car, you have to wonder what this world is coming to.  And the more important issue is whether you want to live in this kind of world and, if not, what are you willing to do to change it.

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