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How to Earn More with Video Production Freelancing

408 views |23 January / 2013, Marketing/Viral Marketing by Emilio, N/A

Being a freelance video producer is usually a tricky business – either it can fetch you a lot of money or just about nothing. The outcome of your production abilities will rest upon how you market yourself ...

Creating Memorable Videos Requires Production Savvy

340 views |3 September / 2012, Marketing/Viral Marketing by Richi James, D

With literally thousands of videos cluttering the net, you have to be certain that the video you shoot for promoting the corporate image has to be able to cut through the clutter and arrest viewer attention. ...

The Email Newsletter Advertising Method

685 views |22 May / 2012, Marketing/Viral Marketing by Lisa Lopez, N/A

A lot of people who have their own business would do well to look into email newsletter advertising. It is a great way to advertise for your business to hundreds of even thousands of people at once. Those wh ...

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