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How the Social Scene is Bound to Change in the Upcoming New Year

62 views |6 January / 2017, Marketing/Social Marketing by Amaya Dixit, C

If ever in your life, you have come across emails selling Viagra, a hundred organic Facebook likes, or the LIC agent acting over friendly online, you’ve certainly glimpsed the underbelly of what is commonl ...

Social Media Campaigns and Christmas Contest Ideas

31 views |14 December / 2016, Marketing/Social Marketing by Credence Digital, N/A

Every year, the social media campaigns are being initiated by companies earlier and earlier. It has become like a race and it is getting tougher to get visibility on social media. Thus, in such times it beco ...

Getting Your Brand Noticed on Social Media

398 views |14 November / 2014, Marketing/Social Marketing by Benjamin Roussey, C

One of the best ways to say something about your brand on social media is to say it with a handsome picture. Words, are a trifle unnecessary in the media saturated world today. Nobody has time to read anymor ...

How to Prevent Social Media Identity Theft

484 views |25 June / 2014, Marketing/Social Marketing by brookmperry, C

Social Media is no more a leisure time practice. It has become very much crucial and interlinked to our real life and some vital corners of our personal and professional activities. Reports say that by April ...

Do You Want to Know Who Has Blocked You on Facebook

412 views |5 June / 2014, Marketing/Social Marketing by brookmperry, C

Founded in February 2004, Facebook is currently the most popular and the largest social networking site with 1.23 billion monthly active users. It is not just a website meant for leisure time; rather it play ...

Four Reasons Hashtags are Taking Over the World!

553 views |4 December / 2013, Marketing/Social Marketing by Infinista Concepts, C

It’s official – hashtag mania is upon us. If you don’t believe us, ask Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake who put on a pretty hilarious ‘Late Night’ skit about how everyone is obsessed with using # ...

Five Questions You Need To Answer Before You Start A Social Media Marketing Campaign

834 views |10 May / 2013, Marketing/Social Marketing by Abraham Brown, N/A

Social media is the primary way that the public will share how they feel about your business. Through this media you will discover how they perceive your brand, what they think of your product or service and ...

Advantage of Social Media Marketing Services

718 views |6 May / 2013, Marketing/Social Marketing by Rakesh Pradhan, N/A

There are many different social media marketing services that you can utilize to help your business see more success from your the social media marketing campaigns. If you look at an experienced firm that kn ...

Digging Deep into Social Media Optimization

499 views |2 May / 2013, Marketing/Social Marketing by anysubject, N/A

Social Media Optimization is gaining hype as one of the critical Internet Marketing techniques, and not for nothing. With web users across the globe embracing Social Media as the most definitive way of shari ...

How To Show The Personality Of Your Business Through Social Media

485 views |14 April / 2013, Marketing/Social Marketing by Robert Fogarty, C-

Traditional marketing methods have long been the way businesses convey to their existing and potential client base their core values. Until now, it has also been the way to communic ...

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