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Characteristics of a Reliable Website

3 views |11 January / 2017, Internet/Web Hosting by James Bolte, N/A

What are the characteristics that make a website reliable? A reliable website should exhibit certain characteristics like appearance, content, usability, navigation, etc., in order to gain customers trust an ...

The Impact Of Server Response Time On Website Performance

35 views |30 December / 2016, Internet/Web Hosting by Davis J Martin, C

Server response time (also referred to as Time to First Byte or TTFB) is the time taken by the web server to respond with the first byte of content after a request is made for the webpage. When a HTTP reques ...

Types Of Web Hosting Services And Their Advantages

35 views |29 December / 2016, Internet/Web Hosting by Owen Jones, N/A

Web hosting is a type of internet service that enables users to make their websites accessible to others on the World Wide Web. This service is offered by the hosting companies who provide storage space and ...

Advantages Of Using SSD Web Hosting

31 views |27 December / 2016, Internet/Web Hosting by Lawrence Walker, N/A

A SSD (Solid State Drive) web hosting utilizes microchips as memory to store data persistently where as standard HDD (hard Disk drive) has a moving electromechanical arm to read and write the data. As SSD ha ...

The Mistake Of Using DNS Caching For Monitoring Websites

30 views |20 December / 2016, Internet/Web Hosting by Davis J Martin, C

DNS or Domain Name Server is the protocol on the internet that allows users to access websites by name instead of using their IP address. When a user tries to access website using its name, the browser conne ...

The Worst Website Outages of All Time

363 views |8 July / 2016, Internet/Web Hosting by Davis J Martin, C

It has become common knowledge that website downtime equates to disaster, but that doesn’t stop it from happening. Businesses from the small start-ups to the large Fortune 500’s have experienced website ...

Why the Website is Down - Troubleshooting Website Downtime

33 views |9 December / 2016, Internet/Web Hosting by Davis J Martin, C

Almost everyone who runs an online business knows very well how disappointing it will be to experience downtime for their websites. If you are the website owner, it is the last thing you expect to happen bec ...

How To Speed-up Your Webpage Loading Time?

45 views |1 December / 2016, Internet/Web Hosting by Davis J Martin, C

Page loading time is an important web performance metric that determines the user experience, business reputation and SEO rankings. It is measured as the average amount of time taken by the webpage to fully ...

How To Choose A Web Hosting Service

38 views |30 November / 2016, Internet/Web Hosting by Thomas Martinez, N/A

Choosing the best web hosting service and setting up the website can be tough as there are many hosting companies out there each promising 100% guaranteed service. Whether it is an individual website or a co ...

Terms To Know Before Purchasing A Website Monitoring Service

43 views |24 November / 2016, Internet/Web Hosting by Davis J Martin, C

Online businesses can generate maximum revenues only if their site is continuously available to the customers without any disruptions. For this reason, site owners goal is to keep their websites live and ful ...

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