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Netflix Launches in India, Plans Start at Rs.500

298 views |7 January / 2016, Internet/Video by Q3 Technologies, C+

TV buffs will be delighted to know that Netflix is launching in India. Along with India, Netflix has entered more than 129 countries, excluding China. For those who have been living under a rock in t ...

Should Video Streaming Sites Operate from the Public Cloud?

307 views |27 August / 2015, Internet/Video by Q3 Technologies, C+

Online video streaming service Netflix will complete its move to the public cloud in early 2016 when it shuts down its final in-house datacenter. When the datacenter closes, the popular video-on-demand st ...

Video Streaming Performance Metrics

431 views |4 April / 2013, Internet/Video by Nate Rodney, C-

Video traffic has become the dominant component of Internet as well as mobile networks in the recent years and is expected to continue – applications include video calls (e.g., FaceTime, Skype), video conf ...

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