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Business According to Google

232 views |12 November / 2013, Internet/SEO by Infinista Concepts, C

The online space is eclipsed by Google’s most viable Internet offering – Search. There are a few basic principles that Google uses to create the marketing magic that they are famous for. And the secret i ...

Everything You Wanted to Know About the New Google ‘Hummingbird’ Algorithm

145 views |31 October / 2013, Internet/SEO by Infinista Concepts, C

Hummingbird is the latest search algorithm that has been launched by Google. It is the system that Google uses to sift through all the information stored in it and retrieve search results. Here is a clearer ...

The Power Of Keywords

293 views |15 August / 2013, Internet/SEO by Gary, C-

Competition on the internet is fierce - the difference between success and failure can literally hang on a few words. If you can get your webpage to a high ranking search position on Google, you can increase ...

Increasing Your Exposure With Google

314 views |15 August / 2013, Internet/SEO by Gary, C-

Google is without a doubt, the most popular way of finding what you need on the internet. It is so popular in fact, that the word 'Google' has been included in many dictionaries as a term to be used when ref ...

Increase Your Website's Visibility Through Online Advertising

277 views |10 August / 2013, Internet/SEO by Wesley, C-

Online advertising, together with well crafted SEO strategies, is THE way to increase visibility on the internet. No matter how well-designed a website is, it has to compete with the millions already in exis ...

SEO Techniques That Can Get A Site Banned

336 views |10 August / 2013, Internet/SEO by Wesley, C-

Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques can either facilitate traffic flow legally or cause a website to get banned. As tempting as it may be to resort to underhanded tricks, they seriously undermine the ...

Web Design With SEO Integration

296 views |4 July / 2013, Internet/SEO by Owen, C-

Web design and search engine optimization should ideally go hand-in-hand but this isn't always the case. Search engines index websites after weighing relevancy so if a site has great layout but poor SEO, it' ...

SEO: Common Objections And How To Handle Them

249 views |25 June / 2013, Internet/SEO by Wesley, C-

Webmasters and SEO specialists understand the importance of search engine optimization. Clients are another matter as many fail to see just how crucial good SEO is to boost profits. If you need to convince a ...

What Not To Do When Optimizing A Website

258 views |25 June / 2013, Internet/SEO by Wesley, C-

SEO is like math where precise calculations mean the difference between right and wrong answers. Except in this case, a wrong equation can cost a company a huge amount of money, weak branding power and a sma ...

Get A Top SEO Expert To Optimize Your Website

410 views |24 June / 2013, Internet/SEO by Gary, C-

SEO companies are a dime a dozen but true experts need to be sniffed out from the sea of specialists. Search engine optimization is not a task for beginners or people with no interest in finer details. It ta ...

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