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Responsive Design: More Advantages for More Devices

251 views |26 January / 2014, Internet/SEO by Cliff Nowicki, N/A

One of the latest approaches in web development has been responsive design, which allows a site to be viewable across different devices while maintaining an optimal user experience. There are many advantages ...

Is SEO Still Important?

256 views |16 January / 2014, Internet/SEO by Owen, C-

How relevant is search engine optimisation today? Quite a bit, say experts, although we can no longer rely solely on it as a marketing strategy.Why this change in trend when things were going pre ...

Social Media As A Marketing Strategy

224 views |16 January / 2014, Internet/SEO by Owen, C-

Social media has touched the lives of most internet users and has slowly but surely influenced aspects of the Web by deciding which websites rank high, are popular with users, and continue to enjoy special s ...

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends of 2014

195 views |13 January / 2014, Internet/SEO by Albert Mitchell, D

2014 will be a year of latest innovation and technology. Important trends can be observed in the functioning of business. Digital marketing which has become an important area to generate business will be req ...

It's Not Just About Keywords: Taking a User-Centric Approach

228 views |23 December / 2013, Internet/SEO by Henry S Williams, C-

The seventh tenant of Google’s philosophy states “There’s always more information out there.” After years of providing marketers and webmasters more data about the performance of their websites, Goog ...

Facebook Branding For Online Success

165 views |14 December / 2013, Internet/SEO by EdwardClark, N/A

Search engine optimization packages are used to get the website listed among the top search engine results and this is not enough considering the present scenario. People do online searches o ...

Generic Roles of a Marketing Agency

197 views |13 December / 2013, Internet/SEO by Owen, C-

Marketing is a big part of business. It is one of the biggest components of any successful business. Any company or organization needs marketing at one point or another. It is through marketing that a busine ...

Essentiality Of Research In Digital Agencies

266 views |13 December / 2013, Internet/SEO by Owen, C-

What really is a digital agency? Many would confuse the digital agency for an online advertising agency. But well; that's not the case. The digital agency deals more with internet campaigns. Digital agencies ...

Considerations to Make in Mobile Web Design

261 views |13 December / 2013, Internet/SEO by Owen, C-

The use of mobile phones has seen a gradual increment over the years. Almost everyone knows about mobile phones and at least four in every five people use them. It has become the most preferred mode of commu ...

Enjoy Better SEO with Simple Websites

237 views |29 November / 2013, Internet/SEO by Infinista Concepts, C

Creating a website is a lot of fun and it is pretty easy to get carried away with ideas, content, applications, animations, forms, videos and all that awesome stuff. When it comes to custo ...

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