Essential blog directories to increase backlinks

The first thing i think of to get backlinks would be articles, but blog directories can be just as good seo for your blog or site, and takes half the time. Here you will find my list of blog directori

We all know that articles are an incredible way to promote your site but did you know that blog directories are also an amazing backlink provider that google and the other search engine really love. So much time online is spent writing articles and for very good reasons, backlinks of course, you need backlinks if you want to get your blog or website moved up the search results.

Blog directories work as a great backlink provider and if used the right way can be just as powerful as any article or articles directory. the great thing with these blog directories is that they take half the time to use, you sign up confirm each others links and job done. They will need to verify everything before they link to your site but after that you have a life long high quality backlink that's taken half the time and effort to create. These blogs directories do very much variety in style and the way they work, some you will be asked to pay a small fee for the privilege and some will cost you nothing are 100% free. If you are serious about SEO and promotion of your blog or website these Essential Blog Directories Will Help Increase Your Blogs Search Results on the major engines and to be honest without banklinks of some form you will not get on the important pages of google, so you will need to look at some kind of backlink provider.

Weather you use this list or not there are some very important rules to follow when looking for your own list of blog directories they are listed below....

  • Make sure that the blog directory is a DO FOLLOW directory, most should be but just keep an eye out.
  • Make sure that they have a high as pagerank as you can find, the higher the PR the better the results.
  • Just if your not sure PR or pagerank is 0-10 ten being the best, but don't waste your time looking for PR10 you will not be able to link to them, without $1000's :)

So these are a few rules that i follow and i highly recommend that you follow these rules too, if you are hoping to start learning SEO and promotion these are terms that will appear time and time again so get learning these now.

IMPORTANT    ----  Pagerank   ----  DOFollow -----

Pagerank is really easy to think of as how high authority the blog or sites holds within google, the higher their authority the better for you linking to them.

DOFollow or sometimes just follow, means that if you link to their site, google will follow that link to you. Of course the opposite to this is NOFOLLOW....don't waste your time linking to these sites at all you will not get a backlink and just waste your time.

This is just a very quick example of what these term means, and if you are looking to really become a huge SEO marketer then you will need to research them further.

Here it is my essential blog Directories list That Will Help Increase Your Blogs Search Results, enjoy!



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