Plans and Packages Offered By SEO Service Providers in India

The plan and packages offered by SEO service providers in India tens to vary. However, initial review & site analysis,

Search engine optimization(SEO) as an industry has witnessed stupendous growth in India over the last few years. Numerous SEO companies have come up to meet the needs of businesses looking for assistance to handle their SEO campaigns. But the plans and packages offered by SEO service providers in India tend to vary a lot. Here are some of the major areas that are covered by their plans and packages: -

Initial review and site analysis

This is done at the initial stage of a campaign and involves detailed site analysis, content duplicacy checks, initial backlinks analysis, competition analysis, Google penalty check, initial rank report and keyword research. Detailed site analysis involves tracking of spider stoppers in a site which may include broken links, missing tags, non-optimised titles, non-optimized link structure and missing tags. Analysis of websites which have existing SEO campaigns often offers valuable information regarding the right keywords to target. Studying competitors helps in deciding the SEO optimization plan of a website.

While checking Google penalties, SEO companies make use of tools like SearchMetrics to identify the time when the issue occurred, the changes which occurred and ways to resolve them. They also use plagiarism tools to check for the existence of duplicacy in your contents. Initial backlinks analysis plays a major role in ensuring maximized organic search in the long run. By checking backlinks of your site, SEO companies find out the inbound links which may have a negative impact on its performance and remove them.

The initial rank report will include the ranking of your website in Google, Yahoo and Bing  or any other search engine mentioned by you. Once they make the necessary verifications, they will offer suggestions on the areas which need improvement. Keyword research will identify the search terms which people normally use to look for products or service. This helps in finding out the right set of keywords.

On Page Optimization

The major areas of on page optimization which SEO companies cover as a part of their plans and packages includes canonicalization, website page load optimization, optimization of header tags, internal link structuring and optimization, HTML code cleanup and optimization, image and hyperlink optimization, robot.txt creation and analysis. They also analyze HTML and XML sitemap, use Google & Bing webmaster tools and Google Analytics to evaluate on-page activities, create sitemaps, analyze page speed optimization and optimize titles and meta tags.

Content Marketing

The packages and plans offered by SEO companies on content marketing involve article writing & submission, blog writing, press release writing & submission and guest blog posting. Sometimes, the packages offered by them also includes social bookmarking of press releases and distribution of high quality PR.

Social Media Marketing

The packages and plans involving social media marketing involves social bookmarking, set up of Facebook & Twitter accounts, set up of Google Plus business page, Twitter, Google+ & Facebook wall updates, profile content writing, custom Twitter background and designing of Facebook timeline.

The author is a blogger with sound knowledge of SEO. He has reviewed the quality of services offered by SEO service providers in India in the past.


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