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Amazon to Lease Cargo Jets for Delivery

238 views |28 December / 2015, Internet/ECommerce by Q3 Technologies, C+

In a bid to improve its delivery and logistics operations in the U.S., rumors are circulating of Amazon’s plan to lease 20 cargo jets. The aircraft are chosen to be Boeing 767 freighters. Leasing is, appar ...

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Joomla

243 views |18 December / 2015, Internet/ECommerce by Evince Dvelopment, N/A

  Joomla ecommerce CMS happens to be one of the most popular co ...

Flipkart goes Offline to Sell Mobile Phones

273 views |29 October / 2015, Internet/ECommerce by Q3 Technologies, C+

Flipkart, a top-selling e-commerce portal, has agreed to display a selection of its exclusive smartphones in leading Spice Hotspot stores across India. Flipkart intends to use Spice Hotspot’s widespread of ...

Why FlipKart Halted App-Only Plans After Decision in May

325 views |26 August / 2015, Internet/ECommerce by Q3 Technologies, C+

Flipkart, India’s top eCommerce portal, has now put app-only plans on hold after thorough planning in September of 2015. Flipkart has delayed the app-only approach because company wants to assess h ...

Facebook Introduces Buy Buttons for Retailer's Pages

189 views |23 July / 2015, Internet/ECommerce by Q3 Technologies, C+

Facebook’s pages for small businesses initially started as a way for them to network with customers and generate a sufficient amount of leads, but now the social network is testing a new method to provide ...

Tips for Safe Online Mobile Shopping

597 views |18 September / 2014, Internet/ECommerce by rahulsaraswat, N/A

Thanks to the advancement of technology over the years, people no longer have to leave the comfort of their homes to shop and take advantage of the discounts different shops offer. All this can be done on th ...

How To Target Potential Customers To Your E-Commerce Website

250 views |10 July / 2014, Internet/ECommerce by Web Crayons, N/A

E-Commerce is a rapidly changing field in marketing. You need to adopt the latest trend and features in order to have a far superior online presence. Every business has a basic need to reach more customers a ...

Latest Safety Tips for Online Shopping on Websites

462 views |9 May / 2014, Internet/ECommerce by rahulsaraswat, N/A

Everyone who has a personal computer and a working connection to the internet knows a thing or two about online shopping. Pages such as eBay and are the most popular go-to websites in India for pe ...

Dolly Cart - A Great Tool For Heavy Industrial Materials

264 views |15 April / 2014, Internet/ECommerce by TrevisPeters, N/A

Various activities in industries and warehouse require moving the objects from one location to another. Earlier such activities used to be carried out by dint of the manual labor. Several peo ...

Advantages (And Possible Disadvantages) Of Using Open Source

529 views |3 March / 2014, Internet/ECommerce by Anita Bern, C-

Having a website online, unfortunately, doesn't mean that you actually have an online business! For your website to generate income, you will have to either sell a product, or offer a service. In order to ac ...

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