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Why WordPress has Edge over Other CMSs

446 views |16 February / 2016, Internet/CMS by Tracey Jones, C

Over 16 million (and rising) live websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. No other CMS can claim even half of that market share. The closes any CMS comes is less than 1/10th of WordPress’ share. ...

3 Reasons Why Drupal is Still Around

345 views |3 March / 2014, Internet/CMS by Benjamin Roussey, C

Drupal first made its mark in the Web developing world in the early years of the 2000s. Since then it has come to be recognized as a powerful content management system (CMS) to power blogs, corporate website ...

Making the most of Content Management Systems

304 views |20 October / 2013, Internet/CMS by Vm Template, N/A

As online businesses spring up at an ever increasing rate, content management systems are becoming an all around crucial component of them. The need for ecommerce skins to be more user-friendly is therefore ...

Magento Education: Five Hacking Resources

398 views |23 July / 2013, Internet/CMS by Matt Jackman, N/A

Magento developers are a great resource for small business owners. Because of their openness and extensibility, they have garnered an immense popularity. Plus, if you’re willing to learn PHP, you’ll have ...

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