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Leylandii – Problem Hedge?

189 views |23 February / 2016, Home Improvement/Landscaping by Moira Stewart, N/A

Leylandii is the fastest growing ...

Raining Handbags in the Miniature Fairy Garden

248 views |13 August / 2015, Home Improvement/Landscaping by Linda-Ann Hinde, C

Have you heard of the saying, “Going to Heaven in a Handbag?” I had not, but when my co-workers’ creative minds started to design a miniature garden greenhouse display that put a twist on this saying, ...

6 Vital Elements to Consider Before You Landscape

431 views |11 December / 2013, Home Improvement/Landscaping by Karen Lanford, N/A

Are you thinking of beautifying your landscape? Regardless of how small ...

Time to Plan a Miniature Garden Landscape

241 views |3 March / 2014, Home Improvement/Landscaping by Linda-Ann Hinde, C

Oh my goodness… ten inches of snow fell this week. I have noticed that ice and snow doesn’t stop gardeners from enjoying their craft. The excitement of planning an outdoors-miniature garden is evident. I ...

World of Color in a Fairy Garden

216 views |5 June / 2014, Home Improvement/Landscaping by Linda-Ann Hinde, C

It is a rainy Monday morning. As I was leaving for work, I took our dog for a walk outside and to our surprise a squirrel was on the porch steps. Within seconds our setter decided to chase the squirrel, pull ...

How To Remove A Tree

280 views |14 November / 2013, Home Improvement/Landscaping by Abraham Brown, N/A

There is this one unexpected question that many home-owners are asking: How to remove a tree? Yes, many home-owners are burdened by the fact that sometimes, large trees, its branches and roots are causing pr ...

Swimming Pool Design: Working with Professionals to Create Your Dream

400 views |5 September / 2013, Home Improvement/Landscaping by terences, N/A

A swimming pool is a nice luxury to have access to right in your home.  If you have always dreamt of having a swimming pool in your yard and you are ready to make it happen, you will want to work with profe ...

Adding Beauty to Your Home with the Help of a Deck Building Service

315 views |24 July / 2013, Home Improvement/Landscaping by Daniel, D

Many people look at their home and consider their living space just the square footage that is given to them by a realtor when they buy the house, but this doesn't have to be the extent of the livable space ...

Swimming Pool Design - Getting It Right

265 views |22 April / 2013, Home Improvement/Landscaping by terences, N/A

In the event that you have been looking for a great way to get a new swimming pool designed for you, then there are probably a lot of things that are weighing heavily on your mind and you might be wondering ...

Using Granite Outdoors

351 views |19 November / 2012, Home Improvement/Landscaping by Nate Rodney, C-

Popularity of Granite Granite is an ideal material for outdoor living areas and landscaping. Kitchen granite countertops have been a popular choice that has grown dramatically since th ...

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